Spider-Man Far From Home – Everything You Need To Know


There is a lot of excitement among the fans for the Spiderman Homecoming sequel. Titled Spider-Man Far From Home, the synopsis says that Peter Parker and his school friends go on summer vacation to Europe. And have an adventure or two.

Although fans might agree that this is nothing compared to the “global” adventure our friendly neighbourhood hero went on in the Infinity War saga. It left him feeling not so good.

Spiderman’s role in infinity war is hinting that Spiderman is going to take a centre stage in the future of Avengers and MCU.

 Spider-Man Far From Home

Some fans have been speculating that Marvel is setting the stage for The Sinister Six. It involves 6 villains uniting against Spiderman, although it looks unlikely there are signs that more than two villains are going to make an appearance. Video footage uploaded on Instagram by Tom Holland also hints at the appearance of Hydro-Man. It shows Parker’s stunt double looking at a blue screen in Venice getting washed down by a wave of water. Since waves in a canal are highly unlikely, it is possible that it is the handiwork of Hydro-Man.

John Watts is returning to direct this movie. Michael Keaton is reported to return as the famed Vulture probably hell-bent on revenge on Spiderman. Or possibly as an unlikely ally since this movie also stars Jake Gyllenhaal as the classic Supervillain, Mysterio.

Spider-Man Far From Home

Zendaya and Marisa Tomei reprise their roles of Michelle Jones and May Parker respectively. Samuel Jackson and Cobbie Smulders are also reported to reprise their roles as S.H.I.E.L.D.’S Director Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill from the MCU.

Spider-Man Far From Home

The movie is currently filming in around London area. Leaked video footage from the set shows Parker reuniting with his aunt May at an airport. Fans are also wondering as to what the reaction of Aunt May would be as the last movie ended with her finding of her nephew’s alter ego.

Spider-Man Far From Home is scheduled to release on July 5 2019.

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