Spider-Man Homecoming 2, Peter Is Getting A New Suit

Spider-Man Homecoming 2 New Suit

Our very own friendly neighbourhood superhero is getting some upgrades in the coming Spider-Man Homecoming 2. As the news is confirmed by the costume designer: Louis Frogley. According to her, Spidey is getting a whole new suit in the sequel which takes place after the events of Avengers 4.

Peter Needs A New Suit in Spider-Man Homecoming 2

From Marvel’s perspective, it’s easy to understand this switch in costume, so that they could change the toys and the merchandise. As per the Marvel and the Sony’s deal, Marvel doesn’t make money from Spider-man Homecoming’s box-office collection, rather Marvel makes it through the sale of spider-man merchandise and toys and as far as toys go, Spidey is super popular with children. So, Marvel will be looking up to every chance to change the suit of Spidey and thus making its share of money with it.

Spider-Man Homecoming 2 New Suit


Speaking as to what changes are done to the suit for the Spidey, Frogley said “I am not actually working on that film, but the costumes will have very big changes because, in the film, Spider-Man becomes more like a man and not teenager.” While she admits she doesn’t have complete knowledge on the suit, a new suit for Spider-Man 2 makes sense and offers up some interesting opportunities for the character going forward.

With the Spidey returning to the Marvel’s screen, he has been using his own suit and has been helped by Iron Man for new suit and upgrades. Also, as we all know that Iron Man’s appearance in Spidey’s film is a one-time deal because he would sacrifice himself in undoing the Thanos’ ‘snap’. Although we can assume that Spidey may get a helping hand from another MCU hero in defeating ‘Mysterio’.

Spider-Man Homecoming 2 New Suit


As Peter won’t have the Stark Industry’s resources or Tony’s help. He would most probably be forced to go back and work on his own. While he started off with his own suit but he has been wearing Stark tech for a couple of years now. A genius in his own way, Peter could reverse engineer the suit Stark built and even modify and upgrade it. It’s even possible that he may innovate some kind of technology to build something in order to defeat the threats he’s going up against.

A new suit and most probable loss of his mentor – Tony Stark is sure to bring out Peter’s innate genius and we would see him finally taking things seriously rather than goofing around and depending on somebody else for help.

Spider-Man Homecoming 2 New Suit

The shoot for Spider-Man Homecoming 2 starts in July, it’s not long before we would see set images of Spidey wearing his new suit.

What do you think the new suit would look like in Spider-Man Homecoming 2, will Peter innovate or improve Stark Tech? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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