After long 9 years, Steins Gate marks its return to the TV through Steins Gate 0. Stiens Gate 0 Episode 1 has been aired and it shows the struggle of Okabe in forgetting the events from past six months. The Steins Gate 0 Episode 1 revealed some more relations and events of Beta World Line. This post contains the review of episode 1 if you forgot about the Steins Gate or you are directly watching Steins Gate 0, you should read this post first.

Everything About Steins Gate Anime You Should Know Before Steins Gate 0

Steins Gate 0 Episode 1 Review

The episode kicks off with Mayuri standing inside a completely destroyed building and environment ( like War or end of the Beta World Line)and Suzuha finds her. Mayuri seems to be in grief by thinking about that day if Hikoboshi ( Okabe ) had come back to life and it might change everything.

In current, Mayuri was waiting for Rintaro Okabe who was under hypnotherapy. Since Okabe remembers the memories from all world line he is in deep depression because of not to save Makise a.k.a Christina. When he comes out from the clinic he sees Mayuri is still waiting for him. They head over to Akiba where Faris and Rukako invited Mayuri some time ago.

Upon meeting Faris and Rukako, Rukako asked Okabe about his absence in lab and Akiba from past six months. Okabe tells the reason of busying in the tennis club, college stuff, and works. Then, Mayuri tells Okabe about the message from Yuki to meet Okabe in the lab. Okabe shocked at this but he becomes ready to go to the lab after six months.

Meantime, In the lab, Shuzuha was angry over his Dad (Doro) because of his habits to sleep, play games and browsing net all the day. Shuzuya hides in the toilet by hearing the sound of boots of Yuki ( her mom and Daru’s future wife). Daru had introduced Shuzuha as his younger sister in front of Yuki.

After the entering of Yuki, Faris, Rukak, and Okabe also come to the lab. Okabe finds Shuzuha by going to the toilet.While Mayuri and others were enjoying Okabe and Shuzuha were having some conversation on the roof.

Okabe tells Shuzuya about the Yuki and Daru and how they met at Summer comiMa.Upon asking by Okabe Shuzuha explains that Yuki will be her mom as she as present in the alpha world line(current). She also tells uncle Okabe about her mother’s death in her original world line. She tells that they military went against them as her Dad and other was building a time machine and in the fight, her mom (Yuki ) was killed by the machine guns while protecting her.

She tries to convince uncle Okabe to change the world line as current beta world line is the line of hell where the life of 5.7billions lives is at stake. Okabe denied by fear and tells that he has drifted through many world line and every time he failed.

He said that this is not a toy and we can’t change the world created by God. I’m powerless and can’t do anything. At this Shuzuha said there is still much time left and ask him to reconsider it.

While going home Okabe received a message from a professor Izaki about joining in Seminar of people from Viktor Chondria University in Akiba.Viktor Chondria University is university from which Kurisu Makise came.


During the day of Seminar, he met Hiyajo Mayo at reception where she gets angry over him because of the issue of her entry in the seminar. Suddenly Okabe he shocked by seeing Kiryu Moeka (who killed Mayuri in previous world line ).

The seminar was given by Hiyajo Mayo and she tells about the research paper published by their institute’s female researcher. She teaches that according to research paper humans memories are electrical signals and can be preserved. She also said that using the theory of 17 yrs. old female researcher “Kurishu Masike”, they have developed a system that preserves human memory as data. Thye have developed an Artificial Intelligence “Amadeus ” which has memories of human and AI heart which as feelings as humans.


Steins Gate 0 Spoilers

By the ending of episode 1, it is sure that Makise dad’s intentions in alpha world line were not successfully run and he gets killed or arrested by the government while Makise’s theory becomes a topic of research for the institute which led them making Amadeus. During the last scene of episode Makise was shown while Mayo saying, Amadeus. There are more chances that the AI Amadeus is none other than a robot of Makise having her memories.

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