Stephen Hawking’s PhD work accessed by 2 million people

Cambridge University has publicly revealed Stephen Hawking’s PhD thesis and it has been accessed more than 2 million times from the publishing date.

Stephen Hawking’s PhD work got so popular among science enthusiasts that on the day of release publication section of the website got crashed.

His PhD thesis on “Properties of expanding universes” got more than over 5 lakhs downloads.

University official stated that these figures are phenomenal and monumental.

Stephen William Hawking was on born 8 January 1942 & is an English physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at University of Cambridge.

He was the first to give theory of a cosmology by using reference from theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.
Stephen hawking wrote this thesis when he was 24 years old post graduate student while studying at Cambridge University.

According to the university statistics, from the moment it went live, PhD work has been accessed over 2 million times from 800000 different browsers.

Previously, one has to pay £ 65, to get access to his PhD thesis.


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