Story of a young Bride is a short film under the banner of six sigma films, Directed by Priyanka Pathak, starring Ratan Mani Deewan, Satya Prakash, Kritika Khodwani. The film is all about how certain existing stereotypes which ruins family, relations, society, thought process and life. Though this one focused on ‘Menstruation Stigma’, how women were and are considered as untouchables and were asked to stay away from their home premises, family members and everything, irrespective of their needs like help and support during their periods.

Story Of a Young Bride Short Film


Rani a teenage girl who is married to Baldev a man in his late 20’s. Her menstruation cycle began on the first day of her marriage and young wife was treated as untouchable by her In-Laws. She is sent for 4 days to stay in the thatched hut outside the village where women are dispelled during their periods, called GAOKOR. This young bride had no idea about menstruation because it’s her 1st time and she is very scared & confused, being away from her family and with no guidance of what is to be done during this time. She is supposed to cook herself and take care of herself even if she isn’t well or is in physical pain. She then gets molested by some boys & then gets accused for being flawed character depicting the shocking plight of women in villages. Most shocking was to see the conduct of a woman towards a woman. Instead of understanding each other’s pain they are applying tit for tat policy in the name of custom.


The movie is about a social issue which needs attention and understanding. Plight of a women is well explained and it is also depicted that what requires change and how? Movie gave a crystal peek into the rural lifestyle and how everything is different for a man and woman there.

Story Of a Young Bride Short Film


I was anticipating a positive ending but it didn’t wind up the same way rather left me pondering is it the true face of India after the change? Portrayed an issue is a good part but it didn’t come up with any solution, which made it lil incomplete. Though this issue is not the same bug-bear the way it earlier was and if in some regions this practice is still active then the movie must have shown a ray of hope to overcome this issue.

Story Of A Young Bride


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