Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 8 Spoilers


Sword Art Online Spin-off “Sword Art online alternative gun gale online” is becoming favorite of Sword Art Online ( SAO ) fans. They are becoming a huge fan of LLENN’s fighting spirit and cuteness. In Episode 7, after requesting by Goshi or M to defeat Pitohui, she agreed to enter Squad Jam once again. She teamed up with Miyu aka Fukaziroh. In the game, Miyu has also same height and looks like LLENN. Before entering the Squad Jam 2 Karen had a brief talk with Pitohui who also entered in the tournament with M and testers. At the end of episode LLENN ( Karen ) and Miyu enters the squad jam 2 for killing everyone, especially Pitohui. The next episode 8 will clearly have a showdown and today I will discuss Sword Art online alternative gun gale online Episode 8 Spoilers with you.

Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 8 Spoilers

As from preview, the episode 8’s title will be a “Booby Trap”. 

It looks like that in Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 8 initial fights will start. LLENN and Pitohui will spawn somewhere in the town and 1 Km away from the enemies. Since in the previous edition of Squad Jam LLENN was in a team with M who was experienced and she was only following his commands except in the end. Now in the Squad Jam 2, she is with her friend who is little naughty and doesn’t know the mechanics of the Gun Gale Online. It will be difficult for LLENN to move forward while taking care of Miyu. I think that after wandering through some houses, she will wait for first satellite scan to check the nearby enemies.

Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online Episode 8 Spoilers

Sword Art Online Spoilers

According to my Sword Art Online Spoilers or predictions, both LLENN and Miyu will face their first trouble in episode 8. As the episode 8 title is Booby Trap, there is a huge possibility of getting trapped in a trap of enemies. If this happens, I’m sure that this will be Miyu who will trap in an explosive trap or some dangerous made by enemies to kill them. LLENN is the winner of previous Squad Jam, so everyone will try to kill them first and this trap will make LLENN in more trouble to think out for the plan. As you know about her bravery and skills, she will manage to save Miyu from the trap and kill the opponents with her amazing speed. So it will be a first testing of the tournament for LLENN in desperate situations without M.

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