TCL to Reveal a new Alcatel phone and new display technologies at CES 2019

TCL to Reveal a new Alcatel phone

The Chinese company TCL has announced that it will be launching a new smartphone at the CES 2019. However, the smartphone will be branded under Alcatel and not under the Blackberry. The company also said it will be revealing some new display technologies at the event.

It is not clear which smartphone will be launched and what will be its specifications as the company didn’t utter a word on that matter. However, it is clear that the smartphone will have a Full-view display.

TCL also talked about the new display technologies for the smartphone like the edge-to-edge dot displays. These displays will be created by the Chinese company named China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) that is also owned by the TCL and renowned for making TCL-branded TVs.

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