Telegram Messenger 4.8 brings Night Mode & In-App Video Watch

If you ask my choice of best messenger, I would tell you that it is Telegram Messenger, the reason being the amount of functionality and features it offers are above par for any other messaging app present now.

Telegram team has shared with the world newer version of the instant messenger platform. The new version 4.8 can be downloaded from the Play Store. The new update has brought mainly two novelty features to the messenger client. Previously, if you have subscribed any video or movie group on Telegram, you are required to download the movie in order to watch it, but now with the new update you can watch the movies directly without downloading them onto the device. This feature is very useful for the people who are lovers of movies, TV shows and YouTube videos.

Telegram Messenger 4.8

The other feature that has been added onto the messenger platform is addition of the night mode for all the night owl present there. The night mode can be managed by any specific time set by the user & it also can automatically transition itself into day and night mode with the sunrise and sunset. There are three themes available to chose from the night mode – gray, blue and black. The users which are having phones with OLED display should go with the black theme as it consumes minimum energy

So, what are you waiting for ? Go quickly download the new and improved messenger from the Google Play and watch all the cool stuff without downloading

The new app can be downloaded from here

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