Telegram Messenger is live on App Store again after pull down

Yesterday, one of the popular Telegram & Telegram X messengers were removed from the official App Store. Due to it’s results the Apple users were not been to download the Telegram app on their devices

Apple removed the Telegram app from it’s official app store due to breach of content policy and Apple stated that the content is inappropriate. Pavel Durov, the founder of Vk and Telegram messenger assured to look into the matter and resolve it at the earliest.

He has been able to resolve the content policy issues within the matter of 14 hours, now the Telegram & Telegram X messengers are officially available for download in app store of Apple, which can be downloaded by the owners of iPhone & iPad

Telegram Messenger

Telegram and Telegram X are mostly similar in terms of functionality and features. Only difference which sets Telegram X apart form Telegram messenger, is the former one has been written in language “Swift” which is in accordance to iOS framework, hence consumes less power and lesser space on the device.

The exact problem which led to the removal of messenger from the app store has not been cleared by both the companies but it has been assured that users will not face such issues in future.

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