Tesla Launched its New Semi Truck with 500 miles of Range.


Last night was the another great event that Tesla Motors did in California, revealing its new Semi Truck. Elon Musk surprised the audience by launching the all new 2nd Generation Roadster. And yes, no one expected the launch of a Roadster, as the event was dedicated to the Tesla Semi Truck.

Tesla Semi Truck
Source:- Tesla Motors, Youtube

Now, talking about the truck. The owner of projects like Space X, Hyperloop, Elon Musk, launched this, so its pretty obvious, the truck is not a simple electric powered truck. The design of the truck is the one of the main feature, and Musk boasted it by saying it to be more Aero-dynamic than a super car, and its seams to be of that kind. However the single seat arrangement feels a little weird, with a passenger’s seat behind and to the right of it, if compared with a regular drive. The aero dynamic look of the Tesla Semi truck is made possible by the battery pack mounted under the floor of the main cab, and the driver’s seat mounted slightly more forward than of those the Freightliner or International trucks. The design gives the Tesla Semi truck a lower center of gravity than regular diesel trucks, increasing high-speed stability.

Tesla Semi Truck
Source:- Tesla Motors

The feature that attracted the attention, on the basis of both innovation and transportation, is that the new Tesla Semi promises the range of 500 miles for the class 8 heavy duty vehicle. The another one is not new, but probably first in a truck, is the self – driving abilities, or we can say the Auto-pilot mode. Musk said it to be an another important feature as seen as a safety point of view. Tesla Semi is able to main the lane in which it is being driven and automatic breaking system.

By the launch of the new Tesla Semi, company hopes its innovative packaging and approach will resonate with truck drivers and fleet managers who are tired of the way the vehicles have been designed for decades. It was an important event for Musk and Tesla, to attract investors and emerging as innovators.

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