The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Review, The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Spoilers

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Spoilers Warning: This article is all about the Flash season 5 episode 1 review. It contains possible The Flash season 5 episode 2 spoilers, so read the post on your own risk. You have been warned.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 1: Overall Expression

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The Flash Season 5 has the most uneven year to date. The Season 5 promises all-new villains and some frustrating character changes. The Flash Season 5 kicks off with an unusual way of picking up exactly where Season 4 ended. To be honest, this is the best way to kick off the series. This is because it will be absurd if the season starts some time(months) after the little introduction to Nora Allen, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, in Season 4. The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 is all about the revelation of Nora Allen reason to come back in time and the awkwardness that comes from Barry and Iris after meeting the future-daughter whom they haven’t even conceived yet. It’s sort of a Catch-22 situation in that there’s no perfect way to move forward from the Season 4 finale.

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 shows that Kennedy is the best choice for Nora Allen. This is because she has the right energy and personality to hold her own alongside the Team Flash cast. She very well displayed an engaging blend of awkwardness and charm in her performance. So, now let’s come to the main part of the review which will talk about the happenings in the episodes and its reasons.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Spoilers Alert: The following contains the full spoilers of the first episode of Flash Season 5. Read at your own risk. You have been warned.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 1: Nora Allen First Expression

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Episode 1 starts with Nora Allen reciting the names of the Team Flash cast like Cisco, Uncle Wally, her father Barry Allen and her mother Iris. The first episode of The Flash Season 5 establishes a bond between Barry and Nora Allen. But, on the contrary, Nora and Iris have an uncomfortable dynamic between them. The reason is going to be disclosed soon in the post. She hasn’t even seen his father since her birth because after a few years of her birth Barry vanished. Yes, you read it right, he vanished. Remember the first season of The Flash? The Flash Vanishes Newspaper? Yes, it is the same incident. She also showed her the newspaper headlines of 25 years later. It said, “25 Years Later-Flash Still Missing”. So basically Nora has never seen his father unless the wedding of her parents which she attended in the Season 4. That was the first time she saw her father.

To see her father for a longer time, she used Negative Tachyons Harnesser which slowed her down so that she couldn’t enter the speed force. When the Team Flash tried to increase her speed using the Tachyon Enhancer, it didn’t help due to the presence of Negative Tachyons in her DNA. It was also discovered by Wally when he took the DNA sample to the Legends. She told this to Barry when she discloses the truth of the reason for her being here.

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Well, this explains the difference in her nature towards her mother and father. Since she lives with her mom and sees her every day, she is only okay-ish with her. But since she never saw her father since her birth, hence she is quite excited to see him. Nora Allen saw Barry the first time at the wedding. Apart from all this, she revealed that her mother, Iris, gave her the speedster name XS, as she did everything in excess. That makes no sense though, lol.

So, according to me, Nora’s introduction has been a success for the writers as it is good to see her in the role like this. They introduced quite beautifully in a good manner. The presence of Nora is quite a positive remark. Since the introduction is great in The Flash Season 5 Episode 1, it will be interesting to see her in the future episodes.

Barry’s reaction on seeing her future-daughter

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Barry first saw Nora on the wedding when she came to them to congratulate. After getting to know that she is her future-daughter he was quite shocked and was feeling weird. He felt weird as he was seeing his daughter directly as an adult and that too as a speedster.

Apart from this, he was quite worried about the timeline, which could change because of her time travel. Due to this, he stopped Nora from doing various thing. Though, it was later disclosed that the timeline has already changed a bit as Team Flash was supposed to defeat Gridlock in first chance, which they didn’t. When he and Nora were about to make their way back home, before starting their run, Nora bid goodbye to her parents. She said to Iris, that we have our whole life to be together, but didn’t say the same to Barry. When Barry asked about it, she told her the “Flash Missing” thing.

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Before all this, Barry was all about sending her daughter to her time in future just because he didn’t want to change or alter the timeline. He also discussed the same with Iris that he doesn’t want to miss the “firsts” of her daughter, which eventually he got to know, he missed as told by Nora. But when Nora told him why she was here, he changed his mind and asked Nora to stay for a little longer at the near end of the episode.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 1: Barry’s New Suit

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Coming to the introduction to the new Flash suit. The new suit feels like a return to Season 1 and 2-era design sensibilities while still embracing the generally more comic book-faithful tone of the current Arrowverse. It’s not quite a “best of both worlds” situation. The mask, in particular, seems a little wonky. But hopefully, it’s a design that’ll grow on me over the next few weeks.

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Moreover, seeing the Flash ring finally make its debut a huge plus. The Flash ring was given by Nora which she brought from future from the Flash Museum where the record of all the Metahumans the Team Flash has fought has been kept.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Villain

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Now, coming to the main part of the Flash Season 5 Episode 1. So, the villain that The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 introduced was Gridlock. Though, he is not the main antagonist of the show. Also, they introduced the main antagonist of the series, Cicada, which was quite a graceful way to present.

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In the beginning, Gridlock was seen throwing Flash away with just a punch. The Team Flash then realised the kinetic energy thing going on with Gridlock. After this, when he tried to crash a plane, the three speedsters, The Flash, Kid Flash and XS phase the whole plane through the buildings of New York and saved the day. The best part of the seen was Barry helping Nora to learn how to phase. Do you remember how Barry learned to phase? If not, this scene would have made you remember the beautiful scene. Just like Harrison Wells taught Barry to phase by saying those lines to feel, Barry taught Nora to phase. The transition of Barry repeating the lines said by Harrison Wells, the glimpses of Wells was just fabulous.

Cicada Lightning Bolt Photo

At the end of The Flash Season 5 Episode 1, the main antagonist was introduced. The part which we were waiting for is here. Yes, they introduced Cicada. When Gridlock was being taken to Iron Heights, Cicada appeared with his traditional Lightning Bolt. He killed all the officers. It appeared that he killed Gridlock too after that, but why he did it? No one knows as of now. Though, it can be the case that he where he could be increasing his lifetime by killing more and more people. Moreover, it is said that he can have a psychic link with those who were killed with his Lightning Bolt.

The real powers of Cicada are yet to be revealed in the show. So, it is going to be interesting to watch it with time.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 1: Negative Points

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So in a lot of ways, things do seem to be looking up for The Flash. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other reminders that the series has chronic difficulties in juggling its ensemble cast. For one thing, it’s clear that the Killer Frost storyline will be soldiering on in the same direction this year, which is most definitely not a good thing.

The series has really struggled to push Caitlin forward following her fall from grace in Season 3, which thus far has involved pulling a complete 180 and transforming Killer Frost into Caitlin’s disembodied BFF. Dragging Ralph into that story doesn’t seem like the best move for either character. One of the early goals for the series this year needs to be finding a clear place for Ralph and establishing why he needs to remain a regular part of Team Flash.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Spoilers

The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 is probably going to show the bond between Barry and Nora Allen. Moreover, Barry is going to be teaching various techniques and how to be a good speedster. Apart from this, a new metahuman villain will be shown who will be shown stealing high-tech weapons to go an=gainst the main villain Cicada.

So this was the full The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Review. The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Review may have contained The Flash Season 5 Episode 2 Spoilers. I hope that you like The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Review. Stay tuned for more reviews like this for the future episodes of The Flash Season 5. If you think I missed anything that should be in the Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Review, please comment it down below in the comment section.

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