The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Review, The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Spoilers

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Spoilers Warning: This article is all about the Flash season 5 episode 4 review. It contains possible The Flash season 5 episode 5 spoilers, so read the post on your own risk. You have been warned.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Overall Expression

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 kicked off on a very fun and interesting note. It started off with showing Iris’ horrible breakfast and Barry’s terrible baseball skills. Though he could have won the game if he has used his speed.

On the other hand, the episode was full of family drama. The bubbling of the tensions between Nora and her mother Iris. This episode finally revealed the reason why Nora hates or ignores her mother. That is because of Iris’ deed of hiding Nora’s powers from her. This leads the Nora/Iris storyline in a more compelling direction. Both Iris and Nora are correct at their own position. It was Nora’s choice to either get her powers suppressed or use it. On the other hand, Iris’ desire to protect her daughter was also not wrong.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Iris is a terrible cook

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The most interesting and humorous things have revolved around Nora, this season. The episode starts with a humorous note. It started with Iris’ disastrous breakfast. The nice family breakfast creates a very awkward scene. That scene highlights the main issue of the episode, the rift between Nora and Iris. After tasting, when Iris realizes that the breakfast is not as good as it seems, Nora joked by saying that Iris is a terrible cook in all time periods. I literally laughed for the entire scene because of this.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Iris and Nora Situation

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In this episode, the main reason for the rift between Iris and Nora was revealed. Nora revealed that Iris used or should I say, installed a dampener inside Nora’s body to dampen her powers. According to Iris, she would have probably done it to protect her. But Nora exclaimed that she did it to control Nora. Like seriously, why would Iris want to control Nora? She is her mom, isn’t it? The question that arises is why would Iris do something like this in future to her own daughter?

This question was not answered in the episode as Nora ran away after telling this to her parents. It will be quite interesting to unravel the truth behind using the dampener. Let’s see what happens in the future episodes regarding this. But one thing that this episode also portrayed is that Iris does care about her daughter. No one knows what happened in the future but in the present, she cares about her Nora.

Sherloque and Ralph Chase for Cicada

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A Wells character in The Flash just adds juice to it. In this case, the interactions between Sherloque and Ralph just add to their characters as detectives. Dibny proves himself in front of the Team Flash by focussing on the mask that Cicada wears every time. Now, at least, we know that why Cicada wears the mask.

Sherloque always disagreed with Ralph’s ideas for most of the episode. Even he comes around at the end and discloses that the case about the mask was solved by Ralph, proving him a good detective. It creates a nice team of the two.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Spin Situation

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This week’s villain was Spin, the clickbait journalist Spencer Young. He had powers to create clickbait news and use it to hypnotize anyone who sees that news. Moreover, I should specify, it was not her who had powers. It was her smartphone which was flushed with the dark matter which was filled in the satellite which crashed on the Night of Enlightenment. This led to a possible breakthrough about the powers that make the Cicada’s Lightning Bolt Dagge.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Conclusion

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The conclusion that came out of the Flash Season 5 Episode 4 is that the satellite not only made impacts on humans. But the dark matter also got flushed in any device or material it hit on the Night of Enlightenment. This can possibly help to solve the mystery behind the Cicada’s Lightning Bolt Dagger.

Moreover, at the end of the episode, it seems as if Cicada was hit by a piece of the satellite itself. The glowing mark on his chest glowed just like his dagger or Spencer’s smartphone. Also, he was shown crushing the stand of a lamp in his house. Is Cicada developing metahuman powers due to that satellite impact on him? What exact power does the Cicada’s Dagger have? Stay tuned for getting these questions answered.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Spoilers

The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Trailer does seem so interesting as it shows Rag Doll kidnapping Barry from his house. It just reveals the next week’s metahuman villain, Rag Doll. Let’s see what Rag Doll has in store for us in the next episode. We don’t know if there will be any incident related to Cicada or solving the Cicada situation. But we will inform you if we get any information related to it. So stay tuned. These were the Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Spoilers for you.

So this was the full The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Review. The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Review may have contained The Flash Season 5 Episode 5 Spoilers. I hope that you like The Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Review. Stay tuned for more reviews like this for the future episodes of The Flash Season 5. If you think I missed anything which should be there in the Flash Season 5 Episode 4 Review, please comment it down below in the comment section.

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