The Flash Season 5 Villain’s First Glimpse in Trailer

The Flash -

The Flash Season 5 Villain’s first glimpse has been shown in the second official trailer of the series. The villain is a non-speedster which will be played by Chris Klein, whose a brief peek is showed in the trailer. The Teaser trailer is more like an introduction to the villain rather than any plot reveal centric.

The Cicada’s rise is caused due to none other than Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen’s daughter, Nora Allen, who has travelled from the future back in time. Apart from the speed that she had inherited from her father, she also had her father’s propensity for messing up the timelines. She was introduced in the season finale of the season 4 in which she confessed to her parents that she had made a huge mistake.

The trailer is released on the official CW’s channel on Youtube. Though it is just one minute long, it covers most of the information regarding the villain, Cicada and about Nora. Below is the trailer released.

The trailer shows that Nora is stuck in the present day as she is unable to go back to her own time and needs her parents for the same. This will also help him to correct the timeline by the mistake she had made. Apparently, her big mistake involves her interference in the season finale of season 4, where she helped Barry and saved him from certain doom, but it’s not yet confirmed.

The Flash Season 5 trailer is mainly focussed on the rise of Cicada as the big bad villain of the season. Nora explains to Barry how in the future, Cicada was beaten by him and the team but due to her mistake, the power of Cicada has been changed and the team Flash will have to find a way to beat him. He is introduced by a short glimpse along with the cameo of his famous bolt-shaped dagger. He is not fully shown yet, but he is described as the “man in the shadows”.

The only thing that remains unexplained is the incorporation of timeline confusion into Cicada as a character. In the comicbook, David Hersch murdered his wife and then tried to commit suicide, just before which he was struck by lightning which gave him the powers of immortality and healing. He became Cicada and made a cut for himself surrounding the Flash. Him and his followers hunted down everyone the Flash ever saved to feed Hersch’s own powers. Due to Nora’s time-travel, Hersch changed from a serial killer to the superpowered Cicada. There is a running motif (pun intended) of lightning in the season 5 trailer.

The Flash season 5 drops on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.