The Playboy Mr Sawhney Short Film Review, by Large Short Films


If it’s true, even if it’s for some time, then it’s enough for a lifetime, that magic potion is love.”

These were simple yet very deep lines said by the so-called “playboy” Mr. Sawhney ( played by Jackie Shroff) to his grandson (played by Tahir).

Made under the banner of Large short films, Jackie Shroff has done best acting in this short film. The film opens, Tahir is having a tough time handling his girlfriend and goes and seeks advice from his grandfather who was supposedly the playboy of his times. Mr. Yashpal Sawhney, the grandfather, when asked about his life tells his grandson to make a drink and bring it upstairs. When both the grandfather and the grandson are settled, he shares his problem. Mr. Sawhney starts telling him about his life, according to him, people thought of him as a playboy whereas he thought that he was played by the girls. He narrates the ordeal of his life by saying that many girls had come in his life but three of them were special. At first, he introduces Mary, whose father had paralysed, mother worked as a junior artist, brother was a cigarette addict and she herself didn’t earn much, though she loved Mr. Sawhney yet she left him for someone richer because she thought she was too pretty to be poor. Secondly, he introduces Mala, who was true blue feminist and believed in taking revenge from men due to her perception of the male-dominated society, she did not believe in the foundation of marriage but only revenge from males. Thirdly, we meet Mumtaz, who is a well-known name in the film industry and has a lot of ancestral property, she loves Mr. Sawhney as much as he loves her but she is not ready to leave her extravagant lifestyle and he did not want to become another trophy of her showcase, so this chapter also closes.

The Playboy Mr Sawhney Short Film Review

The Playboy Mr Sawhney Short Film Review

After recalling all his experiences, the grandson asks him about how he met and fell in love with his grandmother. He said he had seen her in an art exhibition and fell in love with her simplicity and her smile, he fell in love with her and she fell in love with and the rest is history. When asked upon if she was perfect for him he replied that neither was he perfect for her and nothing, in life is perfect.

When one falls in love, it’s not just with the goods of a person but also with their flaws. Mr. Sawhney said on being asked upon if someone else ever replaced his wife after her death “no chance, she melted and came in his soul so he had no place left for any other women”. If you find love, even for some time is enough for a lifetime!