The Remix Episode 3 Review, Live Instruments ICE the rendition platform!


The Remix Episode 3 is here to spice up the things by giving a life instruments for every contestant’s track.

The Remix, an ongoing show started Friday, March 9, followed by one new episode releasing every Friday, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. It is  distinguished from the other reality shows for it changes the entire concept and thought process of so far’s music and rendition thing, giving platform to the best music talents and allowing them to be thoroughly creative with their talents and making India experience the new sound of music like never before! 

The Remix Episode 3

In previous episode, 10 teams gave their first comparative performances and made judges float. Elimination left us with 9 teams to battle it out on The Remix.

What’s the deal in Episode 3?

To spice things up, each team is given an interesting live instrument to incorporate into their track. With the Sarangi making its way into Darkhwast, the harmonium into Baby Doll and the Bagpipe into Uff Teri Ada, it’s time to witness some mind blowing performances. Adding to the excitement, the judges ‘Swing’ and jam with some amazing live musicians!

The Remix Episode 3 Review

Here we go!

Sunidhi Chauhan commenced the show, making a rendition of “Girls like to Swim”, followed by Amit Trivedi and Nuclea giving beats to the track.

The Remix Episode 3 Review

Here comes our performers PRAKRITI and KIRAN, remixing- Hawa Hawai with SHIKSHA BALI as a female drummer, giving an awestruck performance and making it look like a finished composition for especially Nuclea and others too.

Came up with an innovative performance, YASH and KYRLL singing a remix of Dhan Te Nan with Electric Guitar played by SUDHEER. Woah!, they got a standing ovation from Nuclea, “which is a hard to get” making it overall so good.

The Remix Episode 3 Review

Up next is an outstanding performance by RASHMEET and SURREAL, remixing Bhare Naina, with TEJAS playing Flute. It was a good try and Nuclea also liked it for being a well arranged performance and creative too.

Came next to rock the stage were MANASI and DJ AKHIL, giving new music to Baby Doll, with VATAN DHURIYA on Harmonium. Though it was a fine performance and judges also were not much happy but wished them luck for next tije.

Here proceeding on to the next performance  by ANIRUDH and DJ MEGHA making rendition of Phir Mohabbat, along with MEAGAN PANDIAN playing cupid on the Harp. They were a bit low than expected but gave a fine performance.

Our next duo and especially my favourite is SREERAMA and CANDICE, performing o’o Jaane Jana + Tenu Le Ke Jana remix with ARBAZ KHAN playing acquistic guitar. Gave so bloody well performance, making Sunidhi fully enjoy the track and making Amit feel so amazing, with Nuclea almost falling for their performance.

Bouncing back next we have got AKASA and SKIP remixing Aa Zra, Sunidhi’s song and playing violin with them is ABHISHEK SINHA. They performed so well and gave a lovely comeback with marked difference.

Next we have, none other than RUPALI and NAVED performing rendition of Darkhwast, with SABIR KHAN playing Sarangi. Though the performance way pretty ohkk, but judges didn’t find the blending of song with the instrument. Rupali sung really well, giving it overall a good try.

On the stage after them we have THOMSON and NSG joined by India’s First Female Bagpiper player ARCHY JAY, giving new music to Uff Teri Ada. Nuclea also did an official remix for this song but   these guys were awestruck than him on stage, he said. Thomson shinned like anything, making all those “SEXY” grooves! LOL! Overall fantastic performance and awesome production.

The Remix Episode 3

What keeps you inquisitive to watch?

With two teams having a strong tie and three teams left with no particular order, making only two teams to continue the show, with the remaining 4 and one getting eliminated. Watch out the episode for score insight.

Next episode has “LOVE IN THE AIR”, so stay tuned to Amazon Prime and enjoy “THE REMIX”.


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