The Screen Patti WEEKENDS Review, EPISODE 1 : “THE WEEKDAY”

The Screen Patti Weekends Review

The first episode of The Weekend series is out on YouTube. It seems to be a bit quirky, funny and relatable with the young office goers. Starring Prabal Panjabi as Kevin, Gurpreet Sahni as Pari and Pranay Manchanda as PPT. The series is directed by Harmanpreet Singh Wadala and written by Parikshit Joshi, Jatin Birajdar, Tahla Siddiqui and Kumar Shivam.

What to expect from the first episode? – The Screen Patti WEEKENDS

The Screen Patti has come out with a new series TSP Weekends. From the first episode, we get to know that this series revolves around three friends: Kevin, Pari and PPT. All three of them are unhappy about the fact that they have a meeting on the weekend, they together are figuring out a way to get rid of the meeting on the weekend. After a lot of pleasing, their boss gives them one condition that only one of them could take a leave from the meeting. Pari, the love lorn guy finally is the lucky one to take the leave from the meeting. PPT and Kevin are still figuring out ways how to skip the meeting on the weekend.

The Screen Patti WEEKENDS

The Screen Patti WEEKENDS

Where and How to watch all the episodes of TSP’s Weekends?

All the episodes of Weekends web series can be streamed on TVF Play Website or App. TVFPlay app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Also, it can be streamed with Amazon Fire TV

The second episode of TSP Weekends has been added to the streaming platform and you can watch it right away