Top 10 Thor Facts You should know about The Lightning God

The Thor Photo

Thor-The Lightning God is the most strongest Avenger, though is compared with Hulk. Who all of you are Thor fans? Can you prove it? If you know the Top 10 Thor facts mentioned below then yes you are.

These include the most trivial to the funniest to the unknown facts. Check the list of the Top 10 Thor Facts below and prove that you are a fan of The Lightning God.

1. Along with Spidey!

Thor and Spidey Photo

Spider-Man and Thor were born in the same month, after which they both became Marvel icons. They appeared in the comics which didn’t carry their names in the title.

They first appeared in August 1962. The Lightning God appeared in the comic Journey into Mystery while Spidey appeared in Amazing Fantasy. After getting popular, they both got their individual comic series.

2. Immortal Thor!

Golden Apple from Idunn

Did you know Thor and even the other Asgardians can attain immortality by just eating an apple? Yes, they can.

Asgard got a golden apple from Idunn. Only Idunn can hold it but what about its comic book version?

For that, The Lightning God has to go to Asgard just like in the comic so that his age reaches thousands of years.

3. Origin of Mjolnir!

Once upon a time in Asgard, a lightning-strength entity, God Tempest, attacked. Odin protected it and after a long battle, weakened him. He was then trapped in the frame of Uru, a metal given by the Dwarves of Nidavellir.

The lightning entity was then brought to Nidavellir to convert it into a hammer. Finally, Mjolnir was made with the God Tempest and the heat from the star by Eitri and the other dwarves.

4. Thor can’t fly!

Thor flying Photo

Did you know Thor can fly? If yes, then you’re wrong because he doesn’t really fly. He can only float in the air and that too with the help of his hammer Mjolnir. The Lightning God can direct Mjolnir and it will pull him to his destination.

Maybe Thor is one of the few characters in Marvel who can fly, but the fact Thor says that he doesn’t really fly. If he wants to stop in the middle of the air, then he must rotate Mjolnir like helicopter blades.

5. Megingjord!

Megingjord Photo

Was Mjolnir not enough that Thor has a magic belt too named Megingjord or Belt of Strength? With this belt, he will be strong. Was he not already strong before (duh)?

Megingjord is sometimes used as a place to put The Lightning God hammer, like the 90s who put pagers in their belts.

6. The Lightning God has a pet!

Thor Pet Goats Photo

Do you know that The Lightning God has a pet? You all will be like why would he need one? But guess what, he got not only one, but two pets and both are goats.

The names are Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. They pull Thor’s carriage. Since it is not an ordinary carriage, both the goats can fly.

7. Along with Spidey(Again…)

Spider-Man Photo

In 1991, Sam Raimi wanted to direct the film adaptation of Thor, but Fox cancelled it.
According to them, who wants to watch a movie about the story of the Nordic God?

Finally, Sam Raimi worked on Spider-Man instead of The Lightning God. You know, sure, which version of Tobey Maguire came out in 2002.

8. Thor worked with Hitler(What??)

Thor and Hitler Photo

The Lightning God worked with Adolf Hitler in the comic Invaders Vol. 1. He fought against the Invaders as the leader of Nazi forces. The Invaders include Captain America, Human Torch, Namor and Toro.

You must be thinking why did Thor join The Nazis? Well, the answer is because Hitler asked him politely!

9. Thor was once a Frog(Bruhh!)

Thor as a Frog Photo

Did you know Thor was a frog for a long time in several publications of his comic? I guess no you didn’t.

Well, as you know, his adopted brother is too nosy, so he turned his brother into a frog. Thor was like that in about 4 publications of the comic. For western comics, it’s a long time!

10. Loki-The Lightning God!

Tom Hiddleston's Thor Photo

Tom Hiddleston gave the auditions of Thor at the beginning instead of Loki. Like, imagine him with blonde long hair. Well, the answer can be found in the picture above.

In addition to Tom Hiddleston, there is one more actor who wanted to be the main character, namely Sam Rockwell who almost became Tony Stark, but at the end, he became Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2.

These are the Top 10 Thor Facts that every fan of The Lightning God, must know. If you didn’t know these Top 10 Thor Facts, then you no fan. Just kidding! Do you like Thor? Comment down below in the comment section. Also, let us know if we missed any fact about Thor.