The Tick Review – Heartwarming and Thrilling End of Season 1 makes up for Slow Start


The Tick is an Amazon Prime original series whose pilot premiered in August 2016. It is based on the famous comic by the same name. Tick is the superhero we never wanted but always needed. Before this series, there exist two other renditions of the same superhero character one animated and another being live-action. To make it clear he is not a typical superhero similarly his story is also abnormal one. Because of its unique take on the superhero world and all the cliches the character has a unique fan base. The earlier takes on this superhero received very well by the audiences, but when Amazon announced that it would be bringing back the Tick, there were a lot of anticipations. Will streaming giant do the justice to the character? Or it will become another mistreated superhero series.

The launch of this fantastic yet peculiar series is not less vague as Amazon piloted the first episode in 2016 and year later it gave us another four episodes. To be honest, we don’t know what the strategy behind it was. Now, the last four episodes are out, and all those who love binge watching can enjoy it.


Coming to the series, it is a darker and severe version as compared to the earlier outings, but still, it has the comical element in it. Tick is a character known for its idiotic behavior and if Amazon had removed that factor the show would have doomed. However, the series is entertaining on the whole, and you love to the world in which he is a superhero with most pure heart. To be straightforward, the series gives us a glimpse of a world which is filled with the cliches of all the superhero movies you have seen. This particular setup makes up for a joyful ride with slight bumps in the beginning.

The story revolves around an ordinary man Arthur who had troubled childhood as one day his father died because of Terror, the antagonist. In the similar attack, The Flag Five superheroes were also killed by the weaponized version of syphilis which blinded them and made them an accessible target of Terror. After his win over them, Terror took control of the city until Superian, a parody version of Superman killed him. As Arthur grew old, he still obsessed that Terror is still alive and is controls the town from the backdrop. On a particular day when Arthur is investigating the hints for Terror, he bumps into the blue colored superhero named Tick.


After this moment plot progresses at the excellent pace where Tick through is terrific monologues convinces Arthur that it is for a reason Destiny has brought them together. Tick is a loveable character from the go, and his scenes with Arthur just add the different level of energy to the whole series. The series then focuses on how both of them unite together with Overkill and Arthur’s sister to find Terror and put his evil plans to rest for once and all.

The plot is little choppy in the first half of the season, and it will test a little bit of patience to get the feel of the series. The only things keeping it together are the main characters Tick and Arthur as they add comedy to rather dull first half. However, the second half of the series is the entirely different story, and I assure you that it will amaze you. The main reason behind such a fantastic turn around is that other characters also bring something crucial to the story rather than existing in the open field. The central antagonist Terror makes a return, and his comeback lights up the show. He makes the series more fun and shows the truth behind every villain we have come across till now in various superhero movies. The series improves a lot in making fun of the other superhero movies, near the end and shines brightly with its flaws.

It will take time to make a place in your heart with its parodic comedy and amazing action sequences, but we are sure season 2 will be a thrilling ride. We say it with firm belief as the creator of the comic book Ben Edlund is at the helm of the story along with Patrick Warburton, the first tick serving as the producer. With the vision of these series can do wonders in the upcoming seasons.


Being a Superhero series, it is must to talk about the action scenes and how well they have been executed. So, here we would add that Amazon as the production house has left no stone unturned in the department of spending money. As each of the action sequence is a pure delight, and on top of that, they have been shot perfectly. The direction gets crispier towards the second half, and even small characters like Arthur’s stepdad shine brightly under that.

With the great story and big budget, still, the actors serve as the backbone of this series. As during the beginning when the narrative was weak, both Peter Serafinowicz (Tick) and Griffin Newman (Arthur) held the series together. Peter portrays the role of the superhero who has lost his memory and is too humble with utmost perfection. He is the reason you will laugh even during the dark scenes and enjoy this satirical superhero series.

Overall, The Tick is the fun superhero story which takes it time to develop and is filled with amazing characters like speaking dog, idiotic villain, etc. Creators could have made the first half of the season way more interesting but still no issues at least they found their way back may be slightly late. It is the series you will love for its honesty, loveable lead characters and their take on superhero cliches. We are extremely positive that season 2 will be a joy ride from the get-go.

Rating – 3.5/5 Stars

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