The Timeliners College Romance Review , web series with refreshing college experience


College Romance is yet another bang on web series by The Timeliners, directed by Simarpreet Singh and stars Manjot Singh, Apoorva Arora, Keshav Sadhna, Shreya Mehta, Hira Ashar and Gagan Arora. Two webisodes of the series are out so far and they are simply cool as they share with you the memories of your college days.
Sneak Peak Into College Romance.

Timeliners College Romance Review

The Timeliners College Romance

College Romance is a series all about the fun and frolic one enjoys in his or her college days. May it is freshers party, mass bunk, hangouts or farewell, college life is the time when one enjoys his life up to the fullest. The series begins portraying three bosom friends chalking out a plan for kind of introductory ragging for their juniors where one denies for the ragging but it ends up in a funny and sweet introduction. The series further talks about amusing but silly fantasies one starts having when they fall in an infatuation with their seniors or juniors and how they consider each every act of theirs as a hint and end up getting engaged into some problem or misunderstanding but obviously with a friend to guide and insult you at the same time. The series drags ahead showing all the friends convincing each other for Freshers party and there goes a fight between Trippy and Nayra whether to go to a pool party or a regular party. The storyline is definitely connecting and engrossing as every college fuchsia is able to relate the fun and fights of his or her college life with the life of these guys.


Final Verdict – The Timeliners College Romance

College Romance is another great piece by The Timeliners as it is pretty much absorbing and humorous. Though somewhere in between it drops the interest the punches and dialogue delivery by the cast makes it a worth investing deal for you. The content is very much absorbing and relatable as it takes us back to the time when we enjoyed a carefree life with the best of our moments spent, Yeah! Memories cherished again! It has built the curiosity for the other episodes to drop out soon.


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