The Timeliners, Engineering Girls Shines At Sharda University

Engineering Girls

The Timeliners presents Engineering Girls featuring Sejal Kumar, Barkha Singh and Kritika Awasthi. Directed by Apoorva Singh Karki the series is about the lives of three engineering girls Maggu, Sabu and Kiara and their experiences of fun, adventure and camaraderie during the never forgettable college days. This absolutely relatable series took us back to the times when we used to enjoy the similar perks of college life and hold back the time when we watch it.

Engineering girls

Sharda University, Greater Noida organised a screening event within their campus premise and Barkha Singh, Kritika Awasthi, Swati Pandey and Renu Bisht (Founder VanityCube)  along with the director Apoorva Singh Karki honoured the event with their cheered presence. The screening commenced with the discussion throwing some light on how women are keeping pace with men in the race of startups and becoming successful in all the fields, may it be tech, engineering or any start-up. The cast also shared their experiences in life, with the team, on the sets and also how they were able to relate the content with college lives, where Barkha told us that she is a St. Xavier’s alumni was the real-life Sabu in her college days.

Engineering Girls Swati pandey

 ( Swati Pandey)

In an interview with VoStory, Barkha Singh and Kritika Awasthi shared their experience of working with The Timeliners and said that they both could relate their roles to what they were in their college days and they also found the content very absorbing and connecting as it is always great feeling while portraying something related to college and your student days because everybody is able to relate with it and enjoys the content to the fullest. Adding to it Barkha also shared that though she is enjoying being engaged with the digital platform, she would enjoy even more if she associates with the movies or Bollywood. Kritika Awasthi, praising digital media said that it is a great opportunity as the platform to come up with innovative ideas and entertain people which some time the television lacks. Both had a great time being a part of Engineering Girls. Director, Apoorv Singh Karki said that he is all set to come up with more web series with different genres to entertain the audience and when asked about why he chose to pick this college life plot, he said that it is more relatable and connecting with the youth as college fuchsias can pretty well see themselves in the actor’s shoes and once again relive their best of the days.

Engineering girls Renu Bisht

 (Renu Bisht)

Swati Pandey (Arboreal Agro innovations) and Renu Bisht (Founder VanityCube) had a discussion with the students and shared their experiences about how being a woman they chose to take the road of startup and how they strived through all the hindrances and struggle they came across. They answered the queries of the students and guided them about how to stay rigid for their dreams and plans and never give up in an odd situation.


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