The Zoom Studios Imperfect Web Series Review, Episode 1- Ex-it My Life

Zoom TV Imperfect Web Series

Imperfect is the story about a girl who always dreamt of a perfect life: perfect house, perfect boyfriend, perfect vacations, perfect job, etc but instead, her reality is nowhere near her dreams. The web series has been directed by Ruchi Joshi and Vidhi Gulati and written by Riddhi Rachella and Tahira

Isha is a tall and geeky girl who likes to read comics. The episode 1 of Imperfect series opens by showing the childhood scene of Isha, who is playing the role of the evil stepsister in a play, in school, where she dreams of having a perfect princess life with her prince charming. As the story moves on further, the viewer’s get to see Isha preparing to propose her boyfriend by  sitting on her knees with 2 plane tickets to her favorite dream destination Paris, what we see next is just shocking, her boyfriend of 7 years breaks up with her and her heart is shattered, unable to live in her house with memories of him, she shifts to her friend’s house. She decides to go house hunting when she gets another shock of her life; she is fired from her job.

Imperfect Web Series Review

Imperfect Web Series Review

Isha also has a bad side which she imagines in bad situations. When she is trying to come out of the shock that she is jobless she gets to know that her friend is pregnant, she cries, even more, it’s difficult to decide this time if she was crying out of joy or grief. It is when she sees the pictures of her ex-boyfriend, who is now committed to some other girl has taken his current girlfriend to Paris, Isha finally decides to move on, her friend organizes a get-together, where too she fails to get any guy. Then finally her best friend makes her an account on a matchmaking app.

Imperfect Web Series Review

It is in the next episode that we shall find out who she finds on the matchmaking app and how does her meeting go. Stay tuned for the latest updates and reviews of the episodes and do let us know what are your views about this episode in our comment section.


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