How Loki Can Return As A Much Bigger Character in Thor 4

Thor 4: Loki Can Return As A Much Bigger Character!

Avengers: Infinity War started off with the death of Heimdall and Loki. And while all of the fans out there have theories that Loki maybe alive, we just do not have pieces of evidence to back the theory up. So, if Loki dies in Infinity War, what can it mean for his future in the Thor series?

Avengers 4 is obviously about defeating Thanos and undoing what he has done. This also means bringing back the dead which died due to the snap. But first thing, Loki actually died in the Infinity War. But yes, he can still be a much bigger character in MCU’s future.

Thor 4: Loki Can Return As A Much Bigger Character!

As we know, death of any Asgardian is different from a human. The deaths on Earth may be reversed but for the Asgardians, Thor must dive into Hel for bringing back the dead who died unjustly at the hands of the mad titan. And, taking that his brother also died, there is a chance of Marvel introducing another character from Thor comics.

Thor 4: Loki Can Return As A Much Bigger Character!

Those who have read the comics know that Loki isn’t the only brother of Thor, there are two more brothers – Tyr and Balder. We’ll talk about Balder for this theory. Balder was once brother of Thor who was killed by Loki’s treachery. So, he holds a special grudge against him. Now, taking that as a fact, Thor 4 could introduce the Hel and Balder, because according to the comics, Balder is the King of Hel after Hela and if Loki died, he would certainly meet Balder on the other side.

Thor 4: Loki Can Return As A Much Bigger Character!

Marvel has already redeemed the god of mischief as he died embracing himself as Odinson and prince of Asgard. And now if he has to be a bigger character than he is, he could be made the King… Of Hel.

As we know Loki killed Balder and now if Thor descends to Hel to save the Asgardians who died unjustly. It could be the reunion of the brothers and it could make matters worse if Loki and Balder were to fight with Balder having a grudge against him. But Loki can take the crown as the King of Dead and can return Balder to the world of living in his place. This would be a win-win situation for all of them. Balder getting to live again and Loki getting the crown he wanted always.

This would enable Marvel to introduce another character very easily given the complex MCU timeline. But even as we theorise this all, officially, Taika Waititi has no idea as to the future of Thor and the other Asgardians.

What do you think of this theory? Do let us know your views on Thor 4 in the comment section below!

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