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Time Out Web Series Review, True Love never acknowledge TimeOut!


Time Out is a Voot original Hinglish (Hindi n English) rom-com drama. Directed and Produced by Danish Aslam, Starring ‘Force 2’ renowned actor Tahir Raj Bhasin- Rahul and ‘Kya Super Cool Hain Hum’ actress Sarah Jane Dias- Radha with Sahil VaidAshish (Rahul’s childhood friend), Mansi MultaniAshish’s WifeSameer MalhotraVed (Radha’s new Boss)Shishir SharmaRahul’s Dad, Deepika AminRahul’s Mom, Kaya and Zen respectively as their neighbours upstairs.

Time Out


Time Out is the story about a cute pair Rahul and Radha. This series show their perfect romance, cute relationship, and an excellent life until Rahul realize that he was living a life that is supposed to live which is not the one he loved to live. Rahul is almost 30 and in a quarter life crisis. Radha is almost trying to be a good wife. They have been trying to have a baby for half a year now and when finally Radha’s pregnancy test turns out positive, Rahul realises he is not ready to have a baby. Not only that in the span of 2 days, he realises that he is in a marriage he has no control over, a job he has no interest in and life he is not happy with. And as the wheels have already started spinning over a pregnancy test, turns out it was a false pregnancy.
In an age so advanced, men are still trying to understand women and woman are still trying to control men. So during this they finally take a break from each other, where Rahul stays with their upstairs neighbours, finds his passion for music, tries to sort out issues with his dad and meanwhile Radha tries to understand why her husband is acting the way he is, handling a business, coping with the shock of a false pregnancy.

Things and surroundings turns out to be gloomy when earlier he denies to accompany her to the clinic and later he goes there and unable to make her understand that what is actually going with and within him he ends up telling Radha that he needs a break from her, to which she reacts, of course! Now here Zen and Kaya enters, their neighbours upstairs and decides, what are the rules for this titular BREAK! Has fight over their past and both ends up living separately, Radha in her house itself and Rohan, upstairs with Zen and Kaya where the latter tries to sleep with Rohan after getting high on alcohol. Rohan’s father walks in their house without informing and asks both of them to look for a solution together. Just when things were starting to look up for Rahul, Radha files for legal separation and decides to move to New York. It seemed that in a bid of finding himself, Rahul has lost his love forever but hope awaits him.

While sharing heartfelt talks with his father he realises that his father just got a heart attack, Radha visits to see his dad where the later tries to help them sort their issues. Kaya drops into Radha’s place and confronts her that nothing had happened that night between Rahul and her, despite trying and asks Radha to walk upstairs and have a look at way Rahul is living his life, Radha gets mesmerized to see that well arranged and lovely place where Rahul has set the things precisely the way he always wanted to and Radha then realises that how she unknowingly kept him away from what he always wanted to do and be without even complaining once. As she already ruined the things, so Rahul drops into her place and hands her the signed divorce papers.

He wanted her to accept him the way he is, so he didn’t stop her when she was going to New York. He misses her but tries to make himself understand that she has left and won’t come back but after a month while jogging he finds her sitting there and apologises for not understanding him and now she wishes to know this new 2.0 Rahul and things got well with a happy ending!

Time Out


A nice series with 3.5/5 stars, sharing the bewilderness and restlessness which happens within a person when he completely stuck in-between the age when he is not too old, not too young and just not sorted as thought he would be. It’s all about discovering yourself and being with each other in odd times and supporting them understanding what he/she needs, that’s what Love, being together and care is all about.

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