Time for Payback? Yes, you heard it right!! NFS is back again

Platform: Xbox One, PS4 & PC via Origin
Release Date: 10th November 2017 Standard Edition Worldwide
Developed by: Ghost Games, Electronic Arts
Published by: Electronic Arts
Genre(s): Arcade, Driving/Racing

Bigger, better and more adrenaline all these adjectives can be easily add up to this upcoming racing game NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK. The masters of racing games over the many years are yet here again with their new installment releasing on November 10 Worldwide.
Need for Speed Payback runs through the Fortune Valley Region, as it takes the bright sun amid the desert to the shades of night in SilverRock region.
It follows the story of single player campaign, a street racer Tyler Morgan being deceived & exiled, it’s time to Payback. He need to build the crew and bring down the House who holds control over the city casinos, criminals and cops. It’s will not be easy down the line, as they will find themselves in amidst most thrilling racing adventure.
Need for Speed franchise is always known for its supercars, this edition of game classified into five categories: Off Road, Drift, Drag, Runner & Race.
While the stakes are higher as the copes chase you down the roads of Fortune valley. With Helicopter & Rhinos in the arsenal, you have to push the limits to bank your rewards.
High Stakes, tough challenges need better cars and tuning, at garage you can customize your car according to your needs and race. AutoLog never been this better pushing your campaign scores online to brag to your friends.
Need for Speed pre-order receive the Platinum Car Pack, each with exclusive Platinum Blue Tire smoke. Cars included are the Nissan 350Z, Chevrolet Camaro SS, Ford F-150 Raptor, Dodge Charger R/T and the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport.
Need for Speed Payback is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Origin.
• November 2 for EA Access and Origin Access Members with the Play First Trial
• November 7 if you buy Need for Speed Payback Deluxe Edition
• November 10 if you buy Need for Speed Payback Standard Edition


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