Tokyo Ghoul 2 movie cast revealed on Twitter

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 7
Source: Funimation

Tokyo Ghoul live-action sequel will be released 2019 and the details related to this project has already started flourishing. The details which have been revealed is its main cast

As per the revealed details, Masataka Kubota will play the Ken Kaneki role in the movie, while Maika Yamamoto will play the character Toka Kirishima and the fan favourite Shu Tsukiyama will be played by Shota Matsuda

In the first part, fans have missed the character of Shu Tsukiyama as he was not the part of the first film, but he will play a crucial part in the upcoming sequel

Tokyo Ghoul 2 Movie


Not much information has been revealed out related to the movie, but the rumours are suggesting that the movie will be titled as Tokyo Ghoul 2 and is expected to be released next year

The first Tokyo Ghoul movie was launched in Japan in July last year. The film only received a very short run in the theatres, as Funimation has purchased the rights of the movie for its Blue Ray and DVD release

Tokyo Ghoul 2 Movie Anime

In October, we will see the return of Tokyo Ghoul: Re with its second season, although fans are angry as more than 100 manga chapters have been covered in just 12 episodes. The fans of Tokyo Ghoul has lashed out Reddit with the bad improvisation of Manga has been done for its conversion to anime

In the next season of Tokyo Ghoul: Re, we will see the return of Ken Kenaki with his former associates.