Tokyo Ghoul: re 168 Spoilers : ” Ken Kaneki Meet Rize Once Again”

Tokyo Ghoul:re 168

Tokyo Ghoul: re is currently running into its final arc and the Tokyo is in worst condition due to the dragon Kagune of Ken Kaneki and the black hats of V organization. The latest chapter Tokyo Ghoul: re 167 has been released. Now next week Tokyo Ghoul: re 168 will release and it will have some more intense situation especially for Ken Kaneki who is finding the source of the toxin monsters. So who don’t watch anime or haven’t read the Tokyo Ghoul: re 167 chapter. This is the Tokyo Ghoul: re 168 spoilers based on 167th chapter.

Tokyo Ghoul: re 168 spoilers !!

 One-Eye Owl Appear In Tokyo Ghoul: re Again

In the last chapter, Doves were pushing V organization of Kichimura Washuu but suddenly once again One-Eyed Owl makes its appearance in the Tokyo Ghoul: re. Its original identity is unknown but it is being ordered by Washuu to attack Doves. Suzuya squad is leading the attack from the Dove’s side and squeezing their Quinque through the V organization’s ghouls and others.

After killing the attackers when the doves look behind they start to stand up again which is impossible. Then a dove predicted that Washuu has used Toxin on them and on that Washu state they want to live more by turning themselves into full ghoul using the Toxin. After that once again bloody fights start and attackers seem to begin dying.

On the other side, Koori Ui was fighting with Owl. Suzuya ripped off the head of the Owl but it seems that without head owl body feels different. It doesn’t affect the cutting of the head. At that time Suzuya ordered Ui to stay away from the strange Owl. Suzuya also lost his prosthetic leg from the impact of the attack of Owl on him.

Suzuya Caught In Explosion – Is He Died?

After a long time of battle, black hats of V organization started to retreat and with the back off of black hats owl suddenly stop and fell on the road. Hide noticed something suspicious about the Owl and he told Suzuya to run away from the owl and then suddenly owl get exploded. The Suzuya was near the Owl. Is he died or survived the explosion it will reveal in Tokyo Ghoul: re 168.

This also leads to the conclusion that something is controlling all the toxin monsters and even owl by order of Ichimura.

Rize To Appear In Tokyo Ghoul: re Once Again

On the other hand, Ken Kaneki and Ayato Kirishima finally reached to the cave under the Toxin-producing duct. Inside the Cave, there were a large number of monsters offsprings. They went deeper inside the duct where the monsters don’t have Toxin and send images to Hinami. During the investigation, Ken Kaneki get the feeling of the presence of Rize. Upon finding Toxin containing offspring Ken Kaneki also discovered something protruding out from the duct. Will it be Rize or something?

Tokyo Ghoul: re 168 Spoilers or Predictions

On the Reddit a discussion is circulating about the Tokyo Ghoul: re 168 chapter. In this chapter, Ken Kaneki will meet the Rize. But he will have to choose between to save her or kill her to save the Tokyo from the toxin as she will be discovered as the main source of the production of Toxin. Kaneki will kill Rize and this will be difficult for him but he promised to save the Tokyo.

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