Tokyo Ghoul Spoilers Confirms That Ken Kaneki Will Be Saved

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As Tokyo Ghoul: re manga is entered in its final arc, things are not going well for Ken Kaneki. Ken Kaneki has been consumed by his own kagune, but this situation will no last longer because latest spoiler regarding the manga tell that he will be saved.

Tokyo Ghoul Spoilers

Spoilers !!

The latest chapter is focused on Touka. She was still armed with her metal detector to find the Ken who has been stuck in kagune. She had faith that she could find him because he was wearing their wedding band around his neck. After some time metal detector went off, then Touka began to dig into the kagune to find Ken. After some deep diving, she finds out a disembodied arm that had Ken’s chained ring. Suddenly she was assaulted by kagune itself as it created monsters to fight her. She was almost caught by one of the monsters, but Quinx Squad showed up to help her. With the help of CCG agents, she was able to reach Ken’s body by the end of the chapter.

Its been awhile since both Touka and Ken met face-to-face each other because of Ken’s hyperactive kagune. He lost control of his Dragon Kagune in 15 chapter ago and causing trouble for Tokyo. Now it will be interesting to see that how Touka will help Ken to stop the kagune before the monster tries to exterminate Ken.

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