Tokyo Ghoul:re 175 Recap And Tokyo Ghoul:re 176 Spoilers


Tokyo Ghoul:re 175 chapter is out and it took the attention away from Ken Kaneki and Furuta’s fight to the fight of Doves and Organisation V. So, before the airing of 176th chapter, let’s discuss the latest chapter and Tokyo Ghoul:re 176 Spoilers.

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 176 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul Ghoul re chapter 175 Recap

In the 24th ward, both Kaneki and Furuta stopped fighting for while. Furuta again starts talking and Kaneki sings a song. It looks like Ishida wants to stretch the fighting scene more that’s why he takes the chapter to the town. As predicted in the previous article, Owl stops moving and doves start to inject suppressor drug. After suppressing the Owl all doves takes action to launch the attack on Black Hats who retreated earlier but suddenly few ghouls come from opposite direction. Kaiko, a high-ranking member of organization V appears with Irima and Koma on their side.

Secret Of Washuu In Tokyo Ghoul

Wait, they are alive but on the villain’s side. Once again, Kanou played his role from behind the scenes and turn Iriima and Koma into something monstrous. Kaiko reveals the secret of living of Washuu members. He tells that Wahuu procures their food by eating the dead bodies of investigators.  He orders everyone to attack and slice off the head of a dove with owl’s quinque.

Tanakamaru joins Koori Ui’s squad to fight with Irima and Koma. On the other hand, Suzuya struggles in the fight against Kaiko in fact whole Suzuya squad seems powerless because of their long fight with owl and black hats. Suddenly, Quinx Squad appears to protect Suzuya squad and start fighting with him. Kaiko pushes back everyone and then Yomo starts attacking him. One ghoul from black hats start to free the owl but suddenly, Eto comes out from nowhere and slashes his head in swag. On the other hand, White suites make their appearance and their leader is none-other than Naki.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 176 Spoilers

So, Naki is alive and he launches an attack on black hats and then Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 175 ends.

It looks like Ishida wants to end this manga with full patience that’s why he didn’t show more fight between Kaneki and Furuta. Furuta’s flashback is not shown in this chapter but one of the secrets in Tokyo Ghoul is uncovered i.e. survival of Washuu members as they are ghouls. I don’t like the concept of death and alive in the Tokyo Ghoul. Irima and Koma are shown dead two times in the manga and now they are alive once again just by experiments of Kanou. For Ito and Naki,  Eto was not shown dead in the series and according to the Miza, Naki was not dead and he was sleeping during the extermination of the 24th ward. Now, let’s discuss some Tokyo Ghoul:re 176 Spoilers or predictions.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 176 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 176 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 176 Spoilers

In chapter 175 finally, Owl is deceased by doves but more black hats with Kaiko come in the battle. Now Eto and Naki are also back again so in the next chapter you’ll witness One-Eyed Owl once again. An all-out battle between the CCG along with ghouls and Black Hats leading by Kaiko will start. On the other hand, Ishida will not show more than two scenes from the battle between Kaneki and Furta as already 173 and 174th  chapters were focused on them. Ishida will balance the story content from both situations to make the last arc more interesting. Hype will become more after coming of Naki and Eto in the battle.

These are the Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 176 spoilers or predictions based on the latest chapter. Confirmed spoilers will be updated here on one day before the official release of Tokyo Ghoul re chapter 176.

One huge news is coming regarding Tokyo Gohul:re manga. According to Yonkou Productions tweet, something big will announce about the Tokyo Ghoul re future in next week’s Young Jump Issue 28.

It looks like they will be announced the end date of Tokyo Ghoul:re manga or they can be announced a 3rd Tokyo Ghoul manga series.
What are your thoughts regarding the announcement news? What are yours’Tokyoy Ghoul:re 176 spoilers? Share with us in the comment section.