Tokyo Ghoul:re 176 Recap And Tokyo Ghoul:re 177 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul:re 177 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul:re 176 chapter is out and it shows the conclusion of the fight between Ken Kaneki and Furuta in which Ken Kaneki won and finds the nucleus of the oviduct. So, before the airing of 177th chapter, let’s discuss the latest chapter and Tokyo Ghoul:re 177 Spoilers.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 177 Spoilers

Let’s have a quick recap of the latest chapter before coming to the Tokyo Ghoul:re 177 Spoilers.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 176 Recap

The chapter begins with the Furuta’s warning to Ken Kaneki. He told him that his wife, child, allies, and enemies will die now and there will no one to stop this from happening. Furuta reminds his childhood and his decision to destroy everything. He refers Rize behind Ken Kaneki’s condition and tells that if Rize did not meet him, he is not carrying all burden today.

But Ken Kaneki has accepted himself and his sufferings. Ken Kaneki refers his encounter with Rize as a disaster in his life as after that his lights get completely changed. “My Life was threatened and I was Horrifically tortured and unable to achieve what I wanted,”  Ken Kaneki says. He also says that after that tragedy he finds a new family, new friends, new place and peoples that he loves. Furuta again mocks the world and Ken Kaneki and become unconscious against the wall while reminding his childhood day with Rize. He wanted Rize and him to be parents and grandpa and grandma also.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 177 Spoilers

On the other hand, Kimi makes contact with Kaneki who reaches the Oviduct’s nucleus. Kimi tells him to eliminate that nucleus to stop production of toxin and also tells him to come back alive. The chapter ends with Kaneki standing in front of the nucleus.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 177 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul:re 177 Spoilers

As announced in the cover page of the manga, Tokyo Ghoul:re manga will end in 3 chapters, the next chapter will mark the starting of the conclusion of the manga.

Ken Kaneki is managed to reach at the nucleus of the oviduct. So in the next chapter, he will surely eliminate the nucleus and stop the production of poison to free the Tokyo from the dangerous disease. In the next chapter, Rize can appear in front of Kaneki to stop destroying the duct and if this happens then final fight of the manga will be Ken Kaneki vs Rize.

In chapter 176, we saw the Furuta lying unconscious against the wall. It is not confirmed that he is dead but in next chapter, it will be confirmed.

As 176 chapter was focused on Ken Kaneki and Furuta, Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 177 will show the final fight of doves along with ghouls against V led by Kaiko. Maybe the chapter will also reveal about Yoshimura’s status.

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