Top 10 Best Stan Lee Cameo in Marvel Superhero Movie (VIDEOS INCLUDED)

Top 10 Best Stan Lee Cameo

Stan Lee is the most iconic writer, editor and publisher of Marvel Comics, also the co-creator of the famous Marvel superheroes – Black Panther, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Mighty Thor, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Daredevil and Ant-Man, and the list goes far long. After giving the world his universe of imagination – Marvel Universe, he finally retired, but a hero remains always a hero, and to honour the greatest superhero of the Marvel Universe, Stan Lee was offered cameos in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Stan Lee has shown up in more than 30 Marvel superhero movies, some of the cameos are hilarious, some are serious, but every cameo is iconic and one of a kind. So, here, we have talked about the top 10 best Stan Lee cameo in Marvel superhero movie.

Top 10 Best Stan Lee Cameo

We have mentioned the list of top 10 best Stan Lee cameo in Marvel superhero movie, it was really hard to list them, as every cameo was special, but, here, you can check some of the best Stan Lee cameos.

Top 10 Best Stan Lee cameo in Marvel Superhero Movie –


  • 1. Spiderman 3 –

The first and the best cameo is from Spiderman 3 (2007), where Peter Parker was passing by and suddenly notices some good words about him saving the Policeman’s daughter. While Peter takes a moment to read that, Stan Lee comes and says, “ You know, I guess one person can make a difference. Enough said.” This is one of the best Stan Lee cameos which is really different from any cameos and those words were really the words of wisdom.


  • 2. Captain America: Civil Wars –

Captain America: Civil Wars was about to leave the audience in an incomplete situation, as the movie was about to end without Stan Lee’s famous cameo. But, finally, when Tony Stark was helping Rohdey in walking around, Stan Lee, the courier man, shows up and ask “ Are you, Tony stank?” Rohdey laughs and pulls out Ton’s leg and says “Yes, he is Tony Stank.” Stan’s way of mistakenly speaking “Stark” as “Stank” left all of us in waves of laughter. Check out the video and laugh once again.


  • 3. Thor Ragnarok –

Thor Ragnarok has a really funny Stan Lee cameo. When Thor was ordered to get his lovable long hairs cut, forcefully, Stan Lee, the barber with the spaceman suit and his high-tech cutter shows up and says, “ Don’t you move, my hands aren’t steady as they used to be”. And even Thor threatens him, Stan didn’t stop and turn-ons the scary cutter and rest you can see in the video. This was probably the funniest cameo among all cameos.


  • 4. Avengers: Age of Ultron –

The next cameo that we liked is from Avengers: Age of Ultron, where Thor describes his special and magical drink, that is not meant for mortal man, he advises. But Stan Lee, who came to Toni’s party as the Army Veteran, asked Thor not to scare him, and finally had the magical drink. What happened after, you guys can guess, Stan loses his mind and talks about random things. You should really check this out, this is one of the funniest moment in Age of Ultron.


  • 5. The Amazing Spiderman –

Next cameo comes from The Amazing Spiderman movie, which is one of the best cameos. In this, Stan Lee, the librarian, is enjoying the slow music in the headphones, while doing his work, unaware of the fight going between the Spiderman and the Lizard. Again, Stan’s innocence gathered the round of applause.


  • 6. Thor –

Next is the quick cameo in the Thor movie. Where a bunch of people tries to lift Thor’s hammer, which is impossible for a mortal man, Stan Lee, the driver, shows up with his pickup truck to pull that out, but the part of truck breaks down and Stan Lee asks innocently, “Did it work?” while others laugh at him. This was really a funny cameo of Stan.


  • 7. Captain America: Winter Soldier –

Our next favourite cameo of Stan Lee comes from Captain America: Winter Soldier movie, where Captain Rogers needs the uniform for the war that he was about to fight and picks the uniform which was at the museum. Stan Lee, the museum guard, says innocently, “Oh, man, I’m so fired” when finds out Cap’s uniform was not there. You must check out the video.


  • 8. Iron Man 3 –

Next is another quick cameo from the Iron Man 3 movie, where, Tony Stark tries to sneak into the van, and on the other hand, Stan Lee can be seen laughing and enjoying the fashion show as a judge. Check out the video, you will laugh out laugh.


  • 9. Guardians of the Galaxy –

Next comes from Guardians of the Galaxy, where Rocket, the racoon, was spying and searching for someone with his gadget and suddenly observes, an old man – Stan Lee, who is hitting on a younger girl, holding her closely. Who knows what he was talking about, but this was really humorous.


  • 10. The Incredible Hulk –

At last, in the list of top 10 Stan Lee Cameo, comes the great cameo from the Incredible Hulk, where Stan drinks a soda, tainted with the green radioactive blood of Bruce Banner, and drops it down after a single sip while realising he is screwed up.


So, this is the list of our favourite top 10 best Stan Lee cameo in Marvel superhero movie. Let us know in the comments section, which one is your favourite.


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