Best Top 10 Mi Mix 3 Features | Mi Mix 3 Tips and Tricks

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 design

Best Top 10 Mi Mix 3 Features –

Xiaomi has introduced the new Mi Mix 3 in its flagship range device series. The new Mi Mix 3 comes with all new design in the series. The design is not unique, as the sliding camera module has already been introduced by the smartphone maker Oppo in its Find X flagship smartphone, but in Mi Mix 3 the sliding module is not motorized, which means it can be slided upwards manually by the user, whenever needed. Other than the new design and under-the-hood upgraded specs, the Mi Mix 3 comes with a lot of new features. Some of these features are upgraded and some of them are new. Here we have mentioned the list of top 10 Mi Mix 3 Tips and Tricks and also the Mi Mix 3 features.

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Top 10 Mi Mix 3 Features –



You can also find the Hand-Held Twilight or the HHT mode in the camera app in the Mi Mix 3 device. The HHT mode is really helpful in the low light photography, where most of the devices tend to deliver a blurry and noisy photo, Mi Mix 3 with the HHT mode click photos with decent sharpness and clarity. The HHT mode just clicks multiple photos and then after processing internally combines them in a single photo which is much sharper and has better details, compared to the photo clicked without the HHT mode, you must try this once, it really works.



With the new MIUI, Mi Mix 3 gets the all-new notification design, the new refreshed look not only looks good but handy to use, which is inspired by the notification design of the new Android Pie, and the fact that MIUI 10 is offering the Android Pie like features even to the devices based on Android Nougat is really amazing. The new notification center in Mi Mix 3 can be customized easily according to the user’s ease. To customize the toggle buttons, simply tap on the gear icon, and drag the toggle button to the upper region that you want to use.



Mi Mix 3 comes with a fingerprint sensor which is really fast and secured, but Mi Mix 3 also comes with AI-based Face Unlock, with which you can easily unlock your smartphone by having a look at it, you should try the face unlock once but we won’t recommend the face unlock if you have important data in your smartphone, it is fast but not safe as Xiaomi Poco F1 infrared face unlock system. To setup, the face unlocks in the new Poco F1, firstly go to the device settings and scroll down and select the Lock Screen & Password option and tap on Add Face Data. After this, simply enter your lock pattern and register you face data, to unlock your device by just having a glance of it.


The new Mi Mix 3comes with MIUI 10 out-of-the-box which packs a lot of new features in the Xiaomi devices, one of them is AI Portrait mode with which device can capture awesome bokeh mode portrait mode selfies easily with the AI-powered camera app, and the best part is that it works even the device has a single front-facing camera. For portrait mode selfies, all you need to do is, open the camera app on your device and swipe left to find the Portrait mode for the Selfie Camera, simply click a selfie, you will get a beautiful portrait mode shot, but the AI bokeh mode is not much perfect, and the quality drops down in low light conditions, but portrait selfies in the bright light conditions looks good.


The Mi Mix 3 comes with the MIUI 10, and one of the features which is pretty useful and upgraded a lot is the Quick Ball feature. The quick ball is the option if you don’t want to use the navigation buttons on your Mix 3 device and not only the navigation, a lot more can be done with it, like the option to take a screenshot and lock the screen, all you need to do is tap on the quick ball icon and tap on the icon that you want to use. The MIUI Quick Ball feature is taken by the iPhone navigation ball feature but comes with some additional features. To turn on the feature, first of all, go to the settings and scroll down the select the Additional Settings option and then the Quick Ball option.



PIP mode, is another feature, that you should try once. The feature still is not supported for all the apps but works for some selected apps only. As, you know, with the PIP mode one can easily use a particular app in a smaller window, hence, two apps can be used easily. Will be very helpful if you want to stream your favorite songs on Youtube and use any other app like Facebook, Whatsapp at the same time.



Mi Mix 3 comes with a new manual focus mode feature which will really amaze you if you like to capture fancy photographs using the smartphone. To use this feature, first of all, open the new camera app, and simply swipe left till you find the Manual Focus mode. After turning on the mode, you can shift not only the camera focus but also the exposure focus, by simply dragging around the focus icon, which is a circle-icon on the screen. You will see two semi-circle icon on the screen, the white semi-circle represents the camera focus, and yellow semi-circle represents the exposure focus, and both can be shifted independently to take great shots. The mode looks complex, but it’s easy, just give it a shot.


This will be very useful in the tips and tricks list if you are supposed to use Google search a lot. This is basically a gesture with which you can search with Google directly with opening any of the apps. To try this, simply on the home screen swipe up from the bottom of the screen to activate the Google search.



The Mi Mix 3 comes with an edge-to-edge taller display with narrow bezels, which looks really beautiful. However, by default, you will get the navigation buttons on the screen, which kind of acquire some space at the bottom and also navigation buttons are a little old school when gestures are here for every function. Mi Mix 3 supports the navigation gestures, which are easy to use, you should try it once. To turn on the gestures, open the device the device settings and then scroll down to find the Full-Screen Display in the system and device section. Tap on the Full-Screen Display option and select the full-screen gestures.



Next, in Mi Mix 3 tips and tricks list come the Game Speed Booster feature. In the new Mi Mix 3, the game booster comes with some additional features. With the game booster feature, other than basic features like boosting the RAM for better gameplay, user can record the gameplay, take a screenshot, block the notifications and calls, and enjoy the game without any disturbance. To turn on this feature, first of all, go to the settings and then scroll down and select the additional settings, there simply tap on the Game Speed Booster to turn it on. To use this feature, go to the Security app on your device, and scroll down and select the Game Booster tile. Most of the games in the game booster will be shown automatically, but you can add any other game too. And next time you will see an arrow icon on the top left or either side on launching the game app, where you will get the options like Record Screen, Screenshot, RAM Booster, and Mute Notification.

So, this is all about the Mi Mix 2 tips and tricks, these are our favorite features, do let us know your favorite feature in the Mi Mix 2 in the comment section below.