Best Top 10 Razer Phone 2 Features | Razer Phone 2 Tips and Tricks


Top 10 Razer Phone 2 Features –

Razer debuted in the mobile manufacturing, last year, with its Razer Phone, which is a gaming-centric smartphone, which features a flagship-grade Snapdragon 845 SoC for intense gaming, an Ultra-Motion display with maximum refresh rates up to 120Hz, and Dolby Atmos powered stereo speakers for better gaming sessions and a battery power of 4000mAh. And now, the company is here again with the next gen Razer gaming phone, it is the Razer Phone 2, which some upgraded features, like a 5.7-inch QHD Sharp IGZO display supporting the refresh rates up to 120Hz and Qualcomm Q-Sync and it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor for best performance. Other than this, Razer Phone 2 comes with a lot of new upgraded under-the-hood features. Here, we have discussed the Top 10 Razer Phone 2 Features that we liked, and also, check out the Razer Phone 2 Tips and Tricks.

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Top 10 Razer Phone 2 Features –


Razer Phone 2 is a gaming-centric phone which performs really good with its powerful processor and GPU. The most notable feature in the Razer phone 2 is its Game Booster feature, which is developed by the company to not only enhance the gaming performance but also to provide additional features for best gaming. The feature was present in first gen Razer Phone but now comes with more features.

Game Booster feature can be used to change the hardware settings according to the need of the user. With the help of Game Booster user can choose the resolution of the screen, yes, resolution can be changed, and also the refresh rate can be changed in any of the added game in the game booster. You can choose the gaming apps manually in the game booster feature.

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The Razer Phone 2 comes with the famous Nova Prime launcher out-of-the-box, which supports a ton of features, and one of them is a big list of gestures. Razer Phone 2 can be controlled by gestures and some of them are really cool, like double-tap the power button to launch the camera app, to take some good shots, you must be aware of the fact that the Razer Phone 2 packs some really good camera specs. Swipe down anywhere of the screen to drop down the notification section, which is really helpful considering the big display of the Razer Phone 2. Swipe up from the home screen to open the app tray, which is also a handy gesture. There are a number of gestures that are really helpful for a handy controlling of the device.

You can check out all the gestures, to do this, go to the Nova Settings in the device settings, and there select the ‘gestures and inputs’. You will find a number of gestures there, so give them a try.



Razer Phone 2 is a gaming phone, and if you own one, it clearly means that you are a game lover and loves intense gaming experience, and for you, notifications interrupting between getting the Chicken Dinner in PUBG match will be terrible. For this, Razer Phone 2 comes with a special Do Not Disturb mode, where user can block notifications while gaming. The DND mode is quite handy and smart, as the notifications come back up once the game app is closed. You should really try this during the gaming sessions, to do this, you just need to toggle on the Do Not Disturb slider in the Game Booster app.



Razer Phone 2 is purely a gaming phone, which comes with extra-ordinary IGZO display, which is best for great gaming visual output, hence the best gear for gamers. With the IGZO display, Razer Phone 2 gets the support of refresh rates up to 120Hz for a smooth gaming experience. However, by default, the device doesn’t support this setting, it is customizable. To do this, simply go to the device settings and select the Display option, and here you can increase the refresh rate of the display, which goes up to 120Hz. It should be kept in mind that, higher the refresh rate, means higher battery consumption. Decrease it, if you are low on battery capacity.



Razer Phone 2 comes with a default theme, which looks really amazing, but if you get bored by any means, you can change the themes easily. There are a lot of gaming themes available for the Razer Phone 2, and a majority of them are available for free of cost. The most of the themes are based on the games, so you can try searching your favorite game, which you will probably find in the long list of the gaming themes. To set up a theme firstly, go to the Theme Store app and select Install for the theme you like best. After installing the theme, all you need to do is, click Apply to change your theme. You can revert back to the previous theme easily, simply search for the theme in the Library folder.



Another amazing feature in the Razer Phone 2 is the high-resolution display, and additional amazing part is that the resolution of the display can be customized, according to the user. Not only this, the FPS or Frame Per Second of the display can be changed. To do this, go to the device settings and in the display section, you will find the option for resolution and FPS. You can also customize according to the battery level, as on increasing the resolution and FPS, the game will run smoothly for a great gaming experience, but on the other hand, the battery will be consumed more.



The Razer Phone 2 has everything for a great mobile gaming experience, whether it is the flagship grade processor, high performing display or the front-facing stereo speaker powered by Dolby Atmos. Even you are not playing with your earphones or headphones (which should be Bluetooth based, as there is no 3.5mm jack) Razer Phone 2 got your back, as the speakers work really well. You can also tune the speakers according to your need in the dedicated Dolby Atmos app.



Another feature that can be useful is the night mode in Razer Phone 2, which is a productive feature, as most of us use their smartphones at night time also, the work could be anything, whether you are reading some ebooks or writing something. To help the night user, the night mode makes the reading easier with a lesser strain on eyes, as it filters out the harmful blue light. To turn on the Night Mode feature, firstly, go to the device settings and then in the Nova Settings, where, in display settings, you can find the night mode.



Razer Phone 2 comes with a fingerprint sensor which is mounted at the side of the device and it is really fast and secured, but other than this you can unlock your Razer phone using the Face Unlock, by just having a glance. The Face Unlock in the device is really fast, though it is not as secure as the 3D face recognition in the iPhone X’s FaceID. We won’t recommend you to use the Face Unlock in your Razer Phone 2 if you store important data files. But you can try this feature once.



Razer is the very first company to feature the goodness of Nova Prime launcher in a smartphone out-of-the-box. Nova launcher brings a lot of features in the device, like the customization of icons, scrolling effects, Google search. Also, you can download the icon packs from the Play Store, and you should give it a try once. To try out the different customization on the device, first of all, go to the device settings and then in the Nova Settings section.

This is all about the top 10 Razer Phone 2 features. These are our picks, do let us know your favorite in the comments section below.