Top 5 Manga Apps- Best Manga Apps For Android


Manga has been in Japenese Culture for decades and still evolving. Due to the popularity of anime all over the world, people start reading there manga. Almost all people read manga on their way to home or office or any travelling time on their mobiles. They read on various apps which sometimes works or don’t have updated contents. For those people who are still finding best manga apps for android, I have compiled top 5 Manga apps which they will find very easy to manage and updated.

Crunchyroll Manga App

Top Manga Apps

Crunchyroll is one of the leading platforms for anime streaming. It also provides the huge variety of manga when you buy its premium subscription. Its database of manga always remains updated. You can create a free account on Crunchyroll manga to access its free manga collection.

One best feature of the Crunchyroll Manga App is that you will get access to the anime in English subtitles as well as manga as soon they release in Japan.

Its premium subscription cost is about $6.95.


Best Manga Apps

MangaZone is developed for the hardcore manga fans in which over 15000 popular manga titles are translated in English. All are free to read (ad-supported ) in the app. App’s latest section keep the collection of most recent updated chapters and hot section shows the ongoing popular manga.

You can download the manga chapters for free and can read them offline in the app. It also has a community section where you can interact with manga lovers and chat with them.

Best Manga Apps For Android

Manga Master

Top 5 Manga Apps

Manga Master is one of the best Manga Apps for reading free mangas. It has the database of about 24000 manga which gets updated as soon as new chapter gets released. It has manga in more than ten languages.

You will find the manga in this app from the well-known manga sources like Mangareader, Mangafox, Mangakakalot, Mangakiss, Mangapark, Zingbox. Unlike, MangaZone it has short anime videos also.

You can read most of the manga for free, but some manga are paid in this app. Its subscription cost is $0.99

Manga Rock

Best Manga Apps

Manga Rock is one of the most downloaded manga apps on google play store.  It has over 100k manga titles in various languages. Its UI is beautiful and perfect.

Manga Rock has their own editorial collection in which the author suggests their favourite one. You can find manga according to the genre. It also suggests you the other manga according to your current reading. Its free version is ad-supported, and premium version costs $3.99

Due to the source base and copyrights, all manga is not available in all countries through this app, but it is still one the best manga app with flawless features.

Manga Reader

Top 5 Manga Apps

Manga Reader has one of the largest manga libraries and it has 30+ manga sources from well-known websites like mangahere, mangafox, mangareader, batoto, mangapanda, kissmanga, mangago, mangatown, readmanga, etc.

It allows you to stream manga on different libraries simultaneously and you can filter the manga by rank, genre and author name.

You can read manga in three directions  Vertical, Left to Right, Right to Left along with three reading modes: Continuous, Page Scroll, Page Curl in it.

If you have signed in this app, then your manga will automatically save in the cloud from where manga can restore automatically.