Top tier ladder reset is coming with League of Legends patch notes 9.6

league of legends patch notes 9.6

After a series of discussion, Riot is bringing top tier ladder reset in this ranked season with League of Legends patch notes 9.6. Senior Experience Designer Ed “SapMagic” Altorfer announced this news in his latest Q&A blog post.

Ed said that Diamon+ players from all ranked queues in Riot and Garena regions would be affected from the reset. He also explained that they are planning to reset the top ladder alongside League of Legends patch notes 9.6 which is early morning on March 20 for Riot regions and March 21st for Garena regions.

“We’re doing some final testing this weekend—if we encounter any major bugs, we’ll update this post accordingly,” Ed said.

Top tier ladder reset

Furthermore, he provided the full details of the reset. You can read them below:

  • Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger players become Master 0 LP
  • Diamond players demote by one division, floored at Diamond IV
  • You keep rewards, but they’ll match your new rank
  • Grandmaster and Challenger lock until March 27 and April 3, respectively

For diamond players, he explained who the demotion will work upon its release.

  • Diamond III, II, and I players are demoted by one division, preserving promotion series progress and LP
  • For Diamond I players in series, 2 wins or losses become 1 win or loss—for example, 2–2 becomes 1–1
  • Diamond IV players become Diamond IV 0 LP no matter what

He also said that they are expecting the reset to fix the issue of LP gains and losses for players in Diamon+.

“Having said that, since this partial reset does affect MMR, it won’t be an immediate fix in terms of matchmaking quality, but we expect that to improve over the next few weeks as the ladder stabilizes,” Ed said.

What is your thought about this partial reset?