TVF Kota Factory web series releasing on 16th April 2019

TVF Kota Factory

TVF has released a trailer for their upcoming series Kota Factory which is releasing on 16th April 2019. The upcoming series plot revolves around the students preparing at Kota city to crack the prestigious IIT JEE exam.

In India, Kota is considered as one of the supreme hubs for the preparation of engineering exams especially IIT JEE. Kota has produced one of the best IIT JEE coaching centers and many students have triumphed in the exam from those coaching centers.

Engineering & Medicine is often seen as one of the best career choices by Indian parents. After the 10th exam, many students  follow the road of Kota coaching centers to learn from the best teachers in order to crack the IIT JEE exam.

TVF Kota Factory

The series is expected to showcase us the life of students at Kota where they go through a series of emotional challenges in their journey to crack one of the toughest exams in India. In Kota Factory web series we will experience the life of Kota students through lead character Vaibhav who has joined Prodigy coaching center instead of Maheshwari classes. In the trailer, we can also see the perspective of students where these two coaching centers are being compared for their success rate. It would be really interesting to see the thought process and experiences of Vaibhav during his preparation time at Kota.

The series will surely give Deja Vu to students who have gone to Kota for IIT JEE preparation where they can relate their time and experience there.

The series has been created by Saurabh Khanna and it has been directed by Raghav Subbu.

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