Upcoming Leaked Fortnite Skins, Emotes, Backblings, Pickaxes, Gliders Fortnite Update v6.31

Fortnite Update v6.31

Fortnite Update v6.31 is currently live in the game and the latest update of the game has brought significant changes for the game. The new update has introduced all new LTM mode for the game called as Team Rumble. Also, a new pump shotgun has joined the weaponry list of the game.

With the release of the new update, data miners once again dig into the files and revealed about the upcoming skins, emotes, gliders, backblings, pickaxes

Upcoming Leaked Fortnite Skins, Emotes, Backblings Fortnite Update v6.31

These upcoming skins and cosmetics have been leaked by @fnbrleaks on their official Twitter handle

Fortnite Update v6.31 Skins

Longshot [Epic]

“No target is out of range.”

Upcoming Leaked Fortnite Skins


Insight [Epic]

“Target in sight.”

Upcoming Leaked Fortnite Skins



Upcoming Leaked Fortnite Skins

Upcoming Leaked Fortnite Skins


Upcoming Leaked Fortnite Skins


Upcoming Leaked Fortnite SkinsUpcoming Leaked Fortnite SkinsUpcoming Leaked Fortnite SkinsUpcoming Leaked Fortnite Skins

For now, these are the details about upcoming leaked Fortnite skins under update v6.31, as we will receive more details, we will update you with the same


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