How to use Alexa on Android device

Amazon Alexa

Today’s generation is full of AI and virtual voice assistant, and talking about the voice assistant the popular names come in mind are Google Assistant and other popular  is Amazon’s Alexa. Both are one of the finest and smart virtual assistant and both can be controlled with the voice commands. We all have tried and used the Google Assistant, it is available in not only the Google Home devices but also in almost all of the Android devices, no matter if it’s a Google Pixel device or any entry level Android device, and Google Assistant works so well. Talking about the Amazon Alexa, is majorly only available in the Amazon Smart Home devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot. But you can also use the Amazon Alexa voice assistant on your Android device easily, here, in this post we’ve discussed how to use Alexa on Android device. Here’s


How to use Alexa on Android device


STEP – 1

First of all you need to download the Amazon Alexa app on your Android device. The app is available on Google Playstore for free, you can download and install the app from there.


STEP – 2.

After installing the application on your Android device, open the Alexa app. After opening the app, on the home screen of the app, you will see small blue button or icon in the center of the screen. You need to Tap on the blue Alexa button to continue.

Amazon Alexa

STEP – 3.

Before you use the app, the app needs some permission to work, and you need to allow them. The app will ask for permission when you tap on the blue Alexa button for the very first time. Tap Allow for all the permission hat the app will ask.

Amazon Alexa

STEP – 4.

After giving all the asked permissions for the app to work, tap on Done to continue. You can start talking to Alexa, just wait for the blue bar to appeared on the bottom of screen and say a phrase and voice control Alexa.

Amazon Alexa
So, these were the steps for how to use Alexa on Android device. And if you’ve done the above steps, you are all set to use Alexa on Android device. To start anytime just tap on the blue Alexa button at the bottom and give commands.

Amazon Alexa

You might be thinking, What can Alexa do?

You can use Alexa to stream music from any Music service, order food, order pizza, order a cab, shopping online anything, anything available on Amazon


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