New Venom Trailer finally reveals the Venom portrayed by Tom Hardy

Spider-man Cameo in Venom

Sony Pictures has finally revealed the second trailer for Venom starring Tom Hardy in the titular role. The first trailer didn’t give us a single glimpse of the symbiote and that left fans with a broken heart who have been waiting to catch the sight of one of the most celebrated Anti-Hero. However, after months of wait, Tom Hardy made the announcement that soon we will get to see the Venom. And finally as promised the trailer did gave us for which we have waited for a long time.

The story of highly anticipated Sony movie revolves around the character Eddie Brock who is a journalist portrayed by Tom Hardy. During one of the space mission astronauts capture an alien symbiote on which an organization starts experimenting. The Life organization owned by villainous Dr. Carlton Drake who thinks that the human united with symbiote can be a deadly weapon. One day during his investigation a symbiote gets connected to Eddie. From that moment things spiral out as he gets sick and soon after that he experiences psychotic incidents. Then suddenly he hears the voice of symbiote in his head which tells him to give in as together they can accomplish much bigger things. The story will try to focus on the inner conflict faced by Eddie and how he embraces his inner self to become Venom that will try to save the San Francisco from other symbiotes namely Carnage, Riot, etc. From the story perspective, till now nothing seems new and we hope that it has some hidden elements that will blow our mind.

The trailer opens with a scene which looks like to be a site of the crash of space pod that was carrying the symbiotes. The trailer is basically the synopsis of the whole story and how things will take place. The highlight of the video is the voice of Venom by Tom Hardy, as soon as you listen to it, you are pulled into the plot and sparks a tremendous amount interest to watch the movie on big screen. The trailer surely has a right amount of action scenes however movie being still under production these scenes are not that crisp, and CGI is quite noticeable. From the time the first look of the film have been released we have listened to the tagline ‘We are Venom,’ and this trailer completely justifies it. In the end, the look of Venom leaves you in complete awe, and realize that we have come a long way from Spiderman 3.

Venom is directed by the Zombieland and Gangster Squad filmmaker Ruben Fleisher. It is written by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinker, Kelly Marcel and Will Beal. The film also stars Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, Reid Scott and Woody Harrelson in significant roles. The year 2018 can be named as the year of Marvel with so many of their movies coming back to back. Let’s wait for October 5th to witness another Anti-Hero kick some ass.



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