Viu’s 13 Mussoorie Review – A Thriller That Keeps You On The Edge

13 Mussoorie Review

The creepy silence of the dark mountains and thrilling crime series make a perfect pair to capture the attention of the audience. Viu has recently come up with its new original ‘13 Musoorie’, a crime thriller. It stars Shriya Pilgaonkar, Viraf Patel, Naved Ansal among others. After the success of its earlier web series ‘Kaushiki’, Viu launched this 13 episode series. (13 Mussoorie Review)

13 Mussoorie Review

This show is primarily a cat and mouse chase. This series revolves around a mysterious story of a merciless serial killer ‘AKS’. The entire city is in a miff to know about the man behind the endless murders.

Viu 13 Mussoorie Review

The protagonist Aditi (played by Shriya) is a journalist, the daughter of a celebrated senior cop Ajay Bisht and wife of a reputed cop Rishi Pant. After the death of her father, Aditi finds out her father was AKS- the man behind many merciless murders, after learning this her world comes to a standstill. She was further surprised to learn that someone was blackmailing her and claimed to be the copycat of the killer AKS. Aditi, without informing her husband, starts a mission to find out who this copycat AKS is. She faces quite a tough time chasing that copycat but never loses hope. Many people die when she starts unveiling the mystery.

13 Mussoorie Review

The narrative of the main and the subplot makes the storyline quite interesting. This series is not as self-aware like the other murder series are, the screenplay is fast paced and doesn’t lag behind. This show is quite worth the binge-watching. It captures the attention of the audience and makes them hook to the screen till the very end. So if you are a typical thriller type, this series is a must watch for you.

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