Vivo’s New Smartphone Said to sport ‘Crazy’ Design that we have never seen

Vivo's New Smartphone Said to sport 'Crazy' Design

Vivo last year launched Vivo NEX that bought a revolution in the design of the smartphones. The phone has a true bezel-less display without Notch and the front camera pops out from the edge of the phone. After that, we have seen a number of smartphones with a sliding camera mechanism and full view display. Now the Vivo is again tipped to launch a smartphone that could do the same. The leaker tipped that Vivo is planning to launch a crazy Phone. He also added the form factor of the phone will be ” First time in the history of the mobile phones”.

The leaker was the ice universe, who tipped this and also shared two photos of the smartphone. The smartphone as you can see in the images seems to have both the front and back panel merged. Also, one thing that can be noticed is that there are no buttons seen on the phone. The tipster also said the phone might be called “The Waterdrop”.

The leaker also tweeted that: The Waterdrop” name is taken from or inspired from the comic detector in the novel – The Three-body Problem whose author is Cixin Liu.
He mentioned, “I can guarantee that you have never seen a similar phone design, this is the first time in the history of mobile phones”.

Also, Vivo recently launched the Dual display Vivo NEX Edition that has screens both on the front as well as on the back. The front panel of the phone has full view display but the back panel has a small display. So with the Vivo’s Crazy phone or “The Waterdrop”, we can accept full screens on both the panel that should be seamlessly integrated into the body without any visible parts.

This phone can be shown in MWC 2019 that will start in February end.


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