Warlock Glitch in Destiny 2


Bungie’s multiplayer facade after the first one is in the news every now or then. Whether it’s dawning gifts or Weapon buffs, the game is criticized a lot for its lack of end-game content.

Destiny 2 was out late September and been in news for it’s every aspect. There was lot of story content but still its lacks the replaybility ,yes the mutliplayer is worse. Unlike the previous one,there is lot of content missing in terms of multiplayer.  Bungie is still addressing its end game content but after the first expansion, we saw some real changes & we hope to see its growth and how its going to be in coming year.

Let’s just get down to its glitch which is pretty amazingly killing enemies and that is it’s warlock grenade.

When you overcharge your grenade in its void subclass,hit your super. The glitch is when you hit your super it cancel out your charged grenade and throws a nova bomb So, you can through grenade as nova bombs as long as you are charging them.

This glitch is upsetting the fans and bungie is in tough spot too. This glitch is an ability where the warlock consumes it’s super energy to make their grenade more powerful.

Lets just hope bungie will fix it real soon or it will create a rage amongst other gamers as no one like to lose a crucible match to other opponent with this kind of an advantage.