Watchdogs 2 on a great discount


PlayStation’s January sale is back with its great lineup. One of most exciting time of the year where your awaited games are on discounts for you to buy.

For me, Ubisoft’s another game on cyber crime and hacking was a brilliant one.After the poor response of watchdogs, the next installment is an improvement in every aspect.Where we play against Dedsec in the first one, In watch dogs 2, we play as a team member of dedsec basically to act against the corrupt and that shady software called CTOS 2.0.

Watch-dogs 2 is bigger,better and bold.

Now, People are not really talking about it and sales are quite low for the game.The issue is where the first game lacked in so many ways,people became skeptical about spending there money on it. The game was  bold and way better than the previous one.

Watch dogs 2 shines in so many ways whether it’s their story or edgy gameplay, One thing is for sure if you play it,you wont regret it.

The discount on the game is a real deal,so grab it before it runs out. Watchdogs 2 is an exciting game with minor flaws(people are not playing it).The world of watchdogs 2 have so much to offer.

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