What is CS:GO Prime Details? How to get CS:GO Prime


CS:GO became free to play on the day its Battle Royale Mode named Danger Zone was released. You must be thinking that it’s unfair for those players who purchased it by spending money. Well, those players have been given the CS:GO Prime Status. Now the question is What is CS:GO Prime? Well, let’s answer this question and get into the CS:GO Prime details.

What is CS:GO Prime?

The answer to the question What is CS:GO Prime is that it is like a premium pass for some players. It will allow the players to get paired up with only those players who have the Prime status. Apart from this, to make them distinct from the normal players, some souvenir items or item drops will be made exclusive to the Prime members only by the Game developer Valve.

CS:GO Prime details

The first thing to be exclusive for the Prime members is the new MP5-SD Lab Rats skin. The Prime players can grab it if they gain 250 XP in the Danger Zone mode.

Due to this type of matchmaking, the matches can now be better for the Prime Players as they will be matched with most of those players who invested their money or time in the game. This will also reduce the number of cheaters in a fair match and hence will ensure a fair play.

How to get CS:GO Prime?

The users who paid to purchase the game before already have the Prime status. Apart from those players, others can have the Prime Status by paying $14.99 on Steam. Other way for the same is to reach Level 21 by playing the Casual matches. A valid phone number should also be linked with Steam to gain the Prime Status.

The Prime Status is linked with the phone number and not the steam account. So, if you unlink this number from an account, then your Prime Status will be removed. Also, you can link that phone number to a new Steam account but only after 6 months.

So, if you were holding back to play CS:GO just because it was paid, then you can play it for free now. If you want to grab the Prime exclusive items then upgrade to CS:GO Prime and enjoy. Do you have any queries related to the topic? Feel free to comment it down below in the comment section.


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