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What is Tor SIM card

What is Tor SIM card –

In today’s world, we all are almost dependent on technology and the internet. We save password and another information on the internet and expect it to be safe, free from any kind of suspicious material, but in actuality, anything available on the internet is not safe. Any hacker who manages to create a loophole in the servers can access the precious data and passwords or anything that is saved on the servers that you think is safe. But this is not the only this from which you should aware of, another big fear of data leakage is the fear of mass surveillance of telecommunications, called “traffic analysis”. Where user’s data can be accessed using the SIM card like who is talking to whom over a public network, as there is no secure network, which eventually leaks data. Now recently, the well-known company, Brass Horn Communications, which is a UK based company has introduced the concept of Tor SIM card which works in a secure network and only allows data traffic through the Tor network. Here, we will be telling you what is Tor SIM Card and also what is Tor network.

What is Tor Network?

The new SIM card will be based on Tor network, but you may be wondering, what is Tor, as it is not that popular term till now. The term Tor is the acronym to the original software project name The Onion Router”, which is actually a free software which is used to enable anonymous communication. Tor protects the personal privacy of its users, also allows users to communicate freely over the network, without the fear of unauthorized surveillance by anyone. Unlike relying on the public network, Tor directs to another network, the network which is free and volunteer overlay network, which consists thousands relays to disguise user’s location.

What is Tor

Hence, the secure network from any kind of external surveillance and eventually creates a more secure network. With the use of a secure network, Tor makes it harder to analyze the traffic, or we can say, it makes it harder to trace the user activity, so that no information of the user, like browsing history, emails, or any kind of communications can be accessed easily.

What is Tor SIM card?

The UK based company, Brass Horn Communications is aware of the fact of mass surveillance of telecommunications, where the user data can be accessed for spying purpose easily, even the data is sensitive and the user wants it to be highly confidential. And this is why Brass Horn Communications working on a project where the SIM card only allows traffic through the Tor network.

Company is testing the new Tor SIM card, using which the smartphone can be accessed in the limitation of Tor network, which will ensure that smartphone is not accessing the public network, hence, there will be no chance of anyone spying the data in the smartphone, which is really good for the smartphone users who want there important data secured from any kind of surveillance.

Brass Horn Communications, with the Tor SIM and Tor networks, guarantees the privacy of the users, where the company had already offered encrypted connections in the Tor network as an Internet provider, and was successful in doing so, as many users were attracted to the services. Now, the company is testing the new Tor SIM solution, which is still in the testing phase, and will be out soon.

It will be interesting to see, how people in the UK respond to the services, knowing that the internet usage will be little limited. Let us know in the comments section, what are your thoughts on this new Tor SIM.