WhatsApp Contact Not showing: Here is How to fix, best ways to try.

WhatsApp Contact Not showing

WhatsApp Contact Not showing

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is the giant when it comes to the social messengers with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. We all use WhatsApp to chat with our friends and relatives. We share a lot of photos and videos every single day. We use video calling and voice calling feature of the messenger, we update our status and what not we do with WhatsApp. But when you can’t find the contact of your friends on WhatsApp contact list it ruins the whole experience.

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Some users cannot find there friends contacts on WhatsApp when they want to chat with them. Are you also in the same situasitu, Here are a few fixes that might help you to see your friends contact in the WhatsApp contact list.

1. Don’t Forget to save the Number of your Friend.

Make sure you have added the number of your friend on your phone or your Gmail account( or where you keep all your contacts).

2. Make Sure your Friend is on WhatsApp

Your Friends number will not be shown in WhatsApp if he/she is not using WhatsApp ( or it might be that he/she have installed there WhatsApp on another number, which you don’t have). Like I use my WhatsApp on one number and use another number for calling.

3. Download the Latest version.

You should have the latest version of the WhatsApp installed on your phone.

  • Latest WhatsApp link: Android
  • Latest WhatsApp link: iOS

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4.  Allow WhatsApp to Access Contacts.

If might be that when you have installed, WhatsApp for the first time, you might have denied the Application from accessing the contacts of your phone. So here is how you can allow the permission.

Note: The settings to allow the permission for WhatsApp contact will differ slightly on each phone.

But the basic settings on any phone will be : Settings->Applications -> WhatsApp -> Permissions-> contacts.

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5. On your phone make sure all contacts are visible.

With visible I mean, you might have certain contacts saved on your sim, some on your phone and other might be on your Gmail account. So inside the settings allow the contacts to display from all the sources.

The settings will differ on each phone. But the basic settings will be Settings-> Contacts -> Select the contacts to display.

WhatsApp Contact Not showing

6. Just Switch off your phone, remove and re-insert the sim card, restart and try again.

So these some of the ways to fix WhatsApp contact not showing. Hope it might have solved your problem. If you have any further query or problem then feel free to mention in the comments section below, we would love to help you.