WhatsApp New Voice Message Feature !! Hold No Button For Record

Voice Message is quite unrated service of sending messages when it comes to Android phones. Many apps are present for chat and voice calls like WhatsApp, Telegram, Fb messenger but the users find most convenient to text a message rather than pressing microphone button and recording a message.


Well, it seems WhatsApp wants to work around that feature and want to explore it more wisely and in utility manner.

WhatsApp is experimenting with new feature for recording the voice messages, in which user is not required to hold the recording button.


WhatsApp New Recording Feature & How it Works ?

When you need to record a message, you need to press record button and does not have to hold it.When you will launch WhatsApp and get to text box, after the duration of 0.5 seconds, It will display a new microphone button. Once the recording start you need to slide up, to enable lock and after lock you can navigate through chat while recording and once recording is done, you just need to hit send button.

While you are in locked mode of message recording, you cannot type new message, you have to end it first to type new message

Download the app from Here


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