Whatsapp vs Telegram : Whatsapp one way broadcast in group launched

whatsapp one way broadcast in group

Whatsapp is the biggest player in the Instant Message service game.With over 1.5 Billion active users, the app is the biggest instant messaging portal in the world. That being said, Telegram is on the rise and has already reached 200 Million users. The Whatsapp vs Telegram war has been going on for a while. Telegram wins in terms of innovation and also adaptability, while Whatsapp counts on simplicity and reliability. Finally, Whatsapp took a page out of Telegram’s own book. Whatsapp one way broadcast in group allows only group admins to send messages to participants. Why is it relevant? Let’s find out!

whatsapp one way broadcast in group

What is the Problem with Standard Whatsapp Groups?

Whatsapp groups are a great way to form instantaneous message boards and announcement portals. While broadcasting announcements wasn’t the main goal, people ended up using it anyway. The problem is that it is difficult to moderate these groups. People end up spamming chats. Also, useful information gets lost in the mix.

Whatsapp vs Telegram

whatsapp one way broadcast in group

Telegram already had a solution for this issue. It provides separate channels for admins to send messages to participants in the group. Participants cannot send anything which will stop the incessant spamming of groups. Whatsapp one way broadcast in group is another similar solution. It allows admins to set group restrictions such that only they can send messages. There will not be an option to create a separate type of group that allows one way broadcasting. You can place or remove the admin only message restriction on any Whatsapp group you are an Admin of. Whatsapp really seems to have taken the Whatsapp vs Telegram thing seriously.

Why do we need this feature?

Whatsapp has become an important source of news sharing and announcement. Many communities without proper channels to broadcast local news use Whatsapp to alert members. By far, only spamming has been the biggest enemy of this system. The Whatsapp one way broadcast in group will mitigate a lot of problems and satisfy many use cases. We wish to see more such integrations from Whatsapp in the near future.