Whatsapp released Delete for everyone feature, for message recall


Facebook owned WhatsApp messenger has now started long awaited feature to unsend/delete the message mistakenly send to the wrong person or group.

Delete for everyone

The update has started rolling to various list of devices and WhatsApp messenger team is trying to launch app for all devices and android versions

Delete for everyoneThis feature is quite useful when you have mistakenly send message to wrong person or group. To use this feature you just need to tap and hold the message. It will make a pop-up appear on the screen offering choice to delete the message for everyone or only me/user.

Once the message is successfully deleted,instead of message it will say ” This message has been deleted” .

In similar way when you will see this in your chat box ” This message has been deleted” it means other person has removed the message that was sent earlier.

But the message can only be deleted within 7 minutes of sent time & both users should have latest version of the app.

Latest version of the app for iOS and Android can be downloaded from App store and Play Store respectively.


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