When Does Overwatch Season 12 Will End, Overwatch Season 13 Release Date

Overwatch Season 12 End

We are now near the end of the Overwatch Season 12. But how much time left, When Does Overwatch Season 12 will end and What is Overwatch Season 13 Release Date. It is still unclear so let’s discuss everything detail about it.

Overwatch Competitive play is one of the Overwatch’s game modes through which players compete in maps and rank themselves up. They ranked upon the basis of Competitive points earned during the season.

Overwatch Competitive mod include Escort, Assault, Control and Hybrid and each player must compete in 10 placement matches to get their initial rank of season.

In Overwatch Competitive, the ranking is allocated by Skill Rating (SR) that ranges from 1 to 5,000.

When Does Overwatch Season 12 End?

Overwatch Season 12 End

Overwatch season 6 began on 31st August and currently running wild with the huge player base.

Overwatch Competitive seasons last for two months so, Overwatch season 12 is expected to end on 28 October at 17:00 PT.

What is the Skill Rating for each tier?

SR skill in Overwatch Competitive play changes after every match and its rise and fall depend entirely on your performance in the match. The Tier level begins from Bronze all and end at Grandmaster level.

The SR required for each of these ranks is as follows:

  • Bronze: 1-1499 SR
  • Silver: 1500-1999 SR
  • Gold: 2000-2499 SR
  • Platinum: 2500-2999 SR
  • Diamond: 3000-3499 SR
  • Master: 3500-3999 SR
  • Grandmaster: 4000+ SR
  • Top 500: Among the 500 best players in a region

What are the rewards for each rank?

Each rank reward some competitive point in Overwatch Competitive mode. Your rank at the end of the season determines the Competitive points you get as a reward. These Overwatch Competitive points are also used for purchasing cosmetics.

The Competitive Points rewards for each rank are as follows:

  • Bronze: 65 Competitive Points
  • Silver: 125 Competitive Points
  • Gold: 250 Competitive Points
  • Platinum: 500 Competitive Points
  • Diamond: 750 Competitive Points
  • Master: 1200 Competitive Points
  • Grandmaster: 1750 Competitive Points

Overwatch Season 13 Release Date

It is unknown when Overwatch Season 13 will begin, but we can expect its release after few days of Overwatch Season 12 end.