Marvel’s Official Merchandise Reveals Purpose of White Avengers Suits


We are less than three months away from the release of the most awaited movie of 2019, the Avengers: Endgame. Marvel hasn’t revealed anything about the film apart from the trailers. However, much information has leaked via action figures, LEGO sets and merchandise reveals. Recently, the quantum Realm costumes of the avenger have surfaced online. Now, a bunch of official merchandise is listed online.

The hoodies crafted as the quantum Realm suits are released by Marvel and in fact, they are called “Advanced Tech Suits. Alongside the hoodies, you could also buy hats. Have a look at the images of the hoodie and caps:

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The exciting thing that can be noticed apart from the hoodies and hats is the description that comes with them. Have a look:

Avengers Endgame: Official Full Costumes Revealed in Image“This is the fight of our lives…” [ White Avengers Suits ]

The brightest minds in the galaxy came together to develop the Avengers: Advanced Tech Hoodie. If you’re looking to Avenge those lost in The Decimation, you’ll be needing this!

  • Officially licensed Avengers merchandise
  • The new black-white-red color combination is perfect for any possible environment you can (or maybe can’t) perceive
  • Zip it up and you couldn’t be more snug if you were in the microverse.
  • Look awesome whether you’re in New York, Wakanda, or in the far reaches of space (and beyond…)
  • Sports-style tech hoodie allows you to run, punch, kick, and flip in style
  • Sizes to suit everyone from Ant-Man to the Hulk!
  • Avengers logo certifies you as a real hero
  • Materials: Polyester blend (sorry – no nanotech or Pym particles included)
  • Women’s version is available.

So, if you have gone through the above-listed points, you might have noticed that these suits are quite determining for the movie as they allow time travel via Quantum Realm. The Point that says: “sizes to suit everyone from Ant-Man to Hulk” reveals that both of these characters will be wearing the suit. The second last point “no nanotech or Pym particles included” reveals that the suits will be designed using these materials in the movie. Tony and Shuri will probably design them, as they only know about this technology.

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